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Following protests, Clear Channel says it will remove ‘voter fraud’ billboards

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings has said it will remove ads from its billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin that carried a warning saying “Voter fraud is a felony.” The billboards drew the outrage of politicians and civil rights groups who said the message was part of a voter suppression effort designed to intimidate Black voters from going to the polls on Nov. 6. ...

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Sharpton in Virginia: Defend our gains

The overflow audience rose as one. They enthusiastically cheered the Rev. Al Sharpton. His electrifying, passionate message: Don’t let the gains of the Civil Rights Movement and the historic election of President Obama be taken away. “People died to get us the right to vote,” Rev. Sharpton powerfully reminded an audience of more than 1,500 people Oct. 9. “People lost their careers. Children were bombed in c ...

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Supreme Court considers limiting Affirmative Action

With one supporter of affirmative action retired and another declining to participate because of a conflict of interest, the concept of affirmative action is barely hanging by a thread as the United States Supreme Court justices prepare to rule in a case that involved a white woman suing the University of Texas because race was a minor factor in the admissions process. ...

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Amid same-sex marriage debate, Jackson, Sharpton implore Blacks to keep ‘eyes on the prize’

With the Black jobless rate astronomically high, schools crumbling in Black neighborhoods, low test scores and dropout rates plaguing Black children and home foreclosures, incarceration, death and disease soaring in Black communities, why is it that some Black people are saying they will not go to the voting polls because President Barack Obama agrees with same-sex marriage? ...

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This Nov. 6, Michigan voters will have to comb through an unprecedented number of proposals on the 2012 ballot — 18 for Detroit voters. The following explanation of proposals are intended to help voters when at the polls: - Six (6) STATE proposals 12-1 through 12-6 12-1: Referendum on Public Act 4 - the emergency manager law authorizes a governor appointee to assume all power of a local governing official o ...

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