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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Standing upon an isle of white privilege, both AP and Brian Dickerson attempt to shape reality. AP’s initial tweet focused not on a woman crying out for help, but dehumanized Renisha by depicting her as a drunk. Dickerson took great measures to distinguish McBride’s case from Trayvon Martin by concluding that Renisha’s case was not about race. ...

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Highland Park mayor declares state of emergency behind heavy rainfall in SE Michigan

In an official city bulletin Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom declared a disaster as of 12 p.m. Aug. 12 due to the recent heavy rainfall that has engulfed the city, county and entire southeastern Michigan. Windom says the extreme flooding on residential and commercial streets has created dangerous conditions that require additional resources. ...

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With over 1,000 infected, can the Ebola virus be stopped?

(GIN) — As an Ebola epidemic sweeps relentlessly across West African borders, with the death toll topping 600, some are now asking if the virus can be stopped. The Ebola outbreak started in Guinea and spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. It has been called the deadliest in recorded history, with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the World Health Organization declaring the situation out of control.  The skyro ...

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