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Three Black women among most powerful in business

Three African American women were among those featured in Fortune magazine’s annual “50 Most Powerful Women in Business,” released in late October. Ursula Burns, CEO and president of Xerox; Rosalind Brewer, CEO and president of Sam’s Club; and Shonda Rhimes, creator of the hit shows “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” are among the top movers and shakers in business, according to the magazine. ...

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Unemployment up for Black men, down for Black women

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Black men 20 years old and older increased in September, but the jobless rate the for Black women in the same age group dropped slightly, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning. The unemployment rate for African American men was 14 percent in September compared to 13.5 percent in August. The jobless rate for Black women was 10 percent in Septe ...

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More online classes on the horizon

Parents around the state are contemplating online virtual school for their children. Starting in November, an online catalog will be available to students and schools, along with syllabi for supplemental courses. “Having these classes has only enriched the curriculum,” said Scott Moellenberndt, superintendent of Blissfield Community Schools. The district has added foreign language options it could not affor ...

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Supreme Court hears Michigan challenge to Affirmative Action

Four months after the Supreme Court declined to invalidate affirmative action in a case brought against the University of Texas, it heard oral arguments to determine if a Michigan referendum violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment by amending the state constitution to prohibit the consideration of race, sex, color ethnicity or national origin in public university admissions decisions. ...

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Is inequality shortening your life span?

Imagine you got to choose whether to be born Black or born white in America. Here are a few health statistics that might inform your decision: If you chose to be born white, your chances of dying of Parkinson's disease would be twice as likely as if you chose to be Black. Your chances of dying from cirrhosis of the liver or Alzheimer's disease would be 25 percent higher. As a white person, you'd also be two ...

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