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Graphics showroom celebrates Noel Night

LT Graphics Services and Artist Showroom Holiday Extravaganza began Noel Night at 71 Garfield in Detroit. Detroiters celebrated Noel Night with LT Graphics while they displayed their artwork. The company provided free hot apple cider for patrons as they entered the room. LT provides art, graphics, business cards, web design and billboards. They also have an artistic showroom that includes jewelry, clothing, ...

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A Walk through local fashion

This 20-something Black woman, Crystal Bailey, and her partner, DaiShawn Franklin, put on the biggest fashion show in the Midwest. Walk, in its fourth year, promotes local fashion talent and was held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Dec. 8. The Michigan Citizen recently sat down with Bailey to learn more about the fashion event and everything surrounding it. ...

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The Fillmore parties in black

Detroiters went for a night on the town dressed in black this past weekend for the Ultimate Black Party at the Fillmore, located next door to Fox Theatre. Complimentary buffet, VIP and three floors of fun filled the space. “I have been attending the Black party for the past two years now and it has been getting better every year. I pulled out my favorite black dress for this event,” says Maisha Stewart, a D ...

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A viewer’s guide to Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln and the American Civil War’

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” opened last week, and many have flocked to see this Hollywood version of one of the nation’s most tumultuous times — the American Civil War. The film purports to recount the last months of the life of Abraham Lincoln as he lobbied to achieve the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which is said to have ended legal slavery in America — at least on paper. ...

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Detroiters give toys for kids

Xstatic Communications kicked off their annual Modern Day Toy Drive to benefit families in Detroit at The Bottom Line Coffee house on Noel night Dec. 1, from 2-5 p.m. The event was free and open to the public. The only prerequisite was to donate a toy or to provide a monetary donation. “I am excited and this is a great cause,” says Pat Harrism owner of The Bottom Line. ...

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DDJC uses grant money to create fair access to media, technology

On Dec. 1, the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC) and Detroit Future programs gave a public report recapping their two-year journey of working to establish an active digital justice movement in Detroit. The meeting served as a community report-back on how federally granted money was used to create a city with more fair access to media and technology. ...

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Detroit firefighters tell their story in ‘Burn’

Firefighters have an up-close view of the best and worst in any city. This is especially true for Detroit. Detroit is a picture of the future of American industrial cities in a post-industrial age: One foot in a prosperous past, with an uncertain next act, struggling to survive in a changing economy. “Burn: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit,” a new documentary in theaters Dec. 7, tak ...

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