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Detroiter makes documentary focused on faith, spirituality and the dying process

Life after death is an age-old topic that has been widely discussed and argued — from the time of ancient civilizations through now. With countless cultural and religious beliefs guiding us through the emotionally painful process of caring for loved ones at the end of their lives, to the rituals in the care of deceased bodies and final arrangements, death is an integral component of life. ...

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Journalist 103 ‘Reporting Live’

Hip hop audiences across the world are celebrating independent Detroit artists, giving praise for their passion and deep roots in the Motown music tradition. With the release of his new album, “Reporting Live,” Journalist 103 has proven he is the latest artist to earn the attention of a global audience listening for real hip hop from the “313.” ...

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Don Diva celebrates street culture in the D

“Fun, fun, fun” is how party-goer Bridgette Cole described Don Diva’s Anniversary Edition Release Party held Nov. 10 at the Elysium Lounge in downtown Detroit. “I had a great time and I cannot wait until next year’s party,” said 29-year-old Cole. In 1999, Don Diva Publishing set out to create a publication with a mission: to provide a raw and uncut look into the phenomenon that has become known as “street c ...

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Your actions speak louder

There are people who, when they open their mouth, will promise you the world, but then deliver nothing. Your actions speak volumes to your real intent. If someone says they love you, they wouldn’t disrespect you, curse you, cheat or lie to you. If a person says they are trustworthy, they wouldn’t create situations of distrust. If a person says they believe in you, they will support your dreams. If a person ...

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Detroit MC Sacramento Knoxx releases third album, hosts social forums

“The Rise of the Turtle,” a new instrumental hip hop album from Sacramento Knoxx, is a shining example of the type of independent hip hop being released from Detroit artists today. Uplifting and full of creative twists, the Southwest Detroit representative showcases a number of hard-hitting beats that have helped him become a rising music talent. ...

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Everyone makes mistakes

If people were perfect, we wouldn’t need a God. Everyone makes mistakes and I am so glad that the mistakes I’ve made have not cost me my life or my freedom, family or friends. Now, there have been times that I have had to work my way back into the lives of people that I may have disappointed but they were willing to forgive. I accept the fact that there are times when redemption is not an option. ...

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BMe is back to stay

The Knight Foundation and BMe (Share, Inspire, Connect,) launched a networking event Oct. 30 to encourage men to be moral role models in the city of Detroit. BMe is a growing network of “brothers” committed to making communities stronger, according to its Web site. These men come from all walks of life. They are businessman, mentors, educators and leaders of their communities. ...

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