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Legalized lynchings are on the rise

It’s been made abundantly clear that Black life holds little value in America’s so-called post-racial environment. Though our system of jurisprudence was made available to the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the exercise of those rights came to less than satisfactory results. Irregular prosecutorial practices led to no indictment. The consequence of those practices led to legalized lynching. ...

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Duggan: ‘It’s obvious we can’t trust the Grosse Point Park leaders’

When Grosse Pointe Park quietly blocked off a main road at the border of Detroit earlier this year, Mayor Mike Duggan took a decidedly diplomatic approach and quietly hammered out a deal with the suburban government to remove what turned out to be an illegal blockade. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle, J.D.

Do not be tired. Be ready. Be ready to grow. Be ready to learn. Be ready to listen. Be ready to confront white privilege. Be ready to confront Black family dysfunction. Be ready to confront American wealth inequality that generates the poverty, that generates the crime, that we must address to bring order to our community. Be ready as we do battle for schools that teach rather than generate profit for those ...

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