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Nigerian women lead rallies for their missing girls worldwide

GIN Staff report An unprecedented surge of gatherings and rallies across the U.S. and abroad sparked by the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian boarding school girls have made plain the growing anger and frustration of Nigerian and other women over inaction by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and his administration. After three weeks, little more than a call this week for an investigative committee has been ...

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Erykah Badu in hot water over birthday serenade for Swazi king

GIN Staff report Pop icon Erykah Badu was the surprise guest of honor at a swanky party for Swaziland’s King Mswati who turned 46 this month. The lavish event was held at one of his many palaces. The performance by Badu, who claims to be a “civil rights advocate,” shocked human rights organizations who condemned her for performing for Mswati, the last absolute monarch in Africa who has maintained dictatoria ...

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‘Michigan law carries badge and stigma of slavery’

Attorneys argued April 29 before U.S District Court Judge George Caram Steeh that Michigan’s Emergency Manager law is unconstitutional. It violates citizens’ — especially Black citizens’ — protected rights of free speech, right to vote, equal protection, due process and right to representative government. And it violates the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Attorney Herb Sanders told Judge Steeh the ...

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NBA players should buy the Clippers

To date, over 75 percent of the league’s players are Black but owners are overwhelmingly white. While few African American have had majority ownership of a NBA team, there have been several minority owners. Team ownership is the next hurdle in economic justice.The model of Black labor and white wealth cannot endure in the National Basketball Association. ...

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Take a tour of 12 Detroit homes for auction

DETROIT — The East English Village Neighborhood Association is hosting a tour of 12 Detroit Land Bank Homes April 27. Anyone interested in purchasing one of the homes available for auction starting at $1000 is encouraged to take the walkable tour between 1– 5 p.m. Buses will also be available to escort potential buyers to each of the homes. The 12 homes will be auctioned (one home per day) starting May 5 at ...

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Hearing exposes horrors of the EAA

Children being slapped by staff and thrown to the ground, no legally-mandated provisions for special education students, limited supplies and few, if any books, non-functioning or missing computers, kids watching pornography, high teacher turnover, test scores showing students falling further behind, curriculum development left to inexperienced teachers, and a lack of teacher support were among the Educatio ...

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We’re all losers after the Supreme Court’s decision in Schuette

There are many individuals and groups in Michigan who lost as a result of the United States Supreme Court decision in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action. Schuette is widely misunderstood as being a case about affirmative action. It is not. In fact, it leaves in place Supreme Court law recognizing diversity as a compelling governmental interest and permitting carefully constructed affirmative ...

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