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Media blackout on banks’ role in Detroit’s financial crisis

Mayor Mike Duggan and Gov. Rick Snyder had nothing but praise last week when banking giant JPMorgan Chase and Co. announced plans to invest, through a combination of loans and grants, $100 million in Detroit over the next five years. “I want to thank and applaud JPMorgan Chase and Co. for their generous investment and long-term commitment to the reinvention of Detroit,” said Snyder. “This multi-year initiat ...

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Fast-food workers arrested at McDonald’s headquarters

Over 100 protesters were arrested May 1 at the national headquarters of McDonalds in Oak Brook, Ill., as more than 1,000 people from across the country demonstrated in favor of raising the minimum wage. Rev. Charles Williams II, president, Michigan National Action Network was one of 40 Detroiters arrested. Workers and activists are raising awareness and urging the McDonald corporation to raise the minimum w ...

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Conyers’ legacy, position at risk

Congressman John Conyers is poised to be the most senior member of Congress, the top U.S. House Judiciary Committee Democrat and the dean of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). If reelected, Congressman Conyers, who has served 50 years, would accrue all the benefits of the longest serving members. Yet, the veteran congressman is not currently on the August primary ballot, and is thus embarking on a campai ...

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Detroit Raw

There was no little red book for the American revolutionary who dared to organize and challenge multinational corporations and their company unions in the 1960s. The book was written as the movement undertook actions to liberate and vest the worker with new found collective self-esteem borne of struggle and a fair share of respect, which greedy profiteers would hoard until the workforce was broken into subm ...

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Michigan fast-food workers join international call for a $15 wage

While high profile morning protests and strikes took place May 15 at McDonald’s restaurants in Pontiac, Lansing, Detroit and Flint, smaller walkouts happened in at least two dozen Michigan cities, organizers said. Workers from all the major brands — from Subway to Burger King to Wendy’s — joined in the worldwide rally for wages that took place in 150 cities nationwide and at least 33 countries. ...

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Whose island? Not Penske’s island

Reports flashed across Facebook on Mother’s Day, despite the beautiful weather, no one was on Belle Isle. What a contrast to years previous and city folk’s habits. Could the reason be state police harassment? The acres and acres of concrete covering the western half of the island? Or a combination of both? For sure, Detroiters were absent on the island while crowds thronged to the Riverwalk. Thousands were ...

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‘EAA caught overspending on travel, gas, new furniture’

A “waste and abuse of power,” is what Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson called spending done by officials at the Educational Achievement Authority Following a May 12, Detroit News report on Gov. Snyder’s state created experimental district exposing excess spending by the cash-strapped district, Johnson said. ”Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on things like personal chauffeurs and new IKEA ...

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