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Diversity denied

Gov. Rick Snyder needs a dashboard to measure the state’s efforts at diversity and inclusion. Michigan’s dashboards measure the state’s effectiveness in key areas including economic strength and quality of life. Observers say the state should also measure its efforts to include women, African Americans and people of color. In the next few years, billions of dollars will be spent in Detroit — trash collectio ...

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JoAnn Watson issues memo regarding $4 million ad deal

Please find this communique as an effort to seek clarification regarding the minutes of the Detroit City Council’s formal session convened on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 10 a.m. Specifically, I have been notified that I have been listed as a “Yes” vote on one of the contracts referenced on the formal agenda; a $4 million contract for advertising awarded to The Michigan Chronicle, 479 Ledyard, Detroit, Mic ...

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Media company gets $5 million deal with Orr

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr gave $5 million to local media group, Real Times Media. The two contracts were approved for the week of Aug. 12 by Orr, while city council was at recess. Real Times Media is the parent company of the Michigan Chronicle, Chicago Defender, Pittsburgh Courier among several other media properties. The contracts were brought to the city council table Sept. 3 — not for council approval ...

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‘State does not have authority to recount Detroit primary’

The lawsuit, filed by Wilcoxon’s attorney Drew Patterson, reads: “Michigan Election Law does not authorize the Defendant State Board of Canvassers to ‘recount’ any ballots cast during its canvassing of a local election. Simply, the Defendant State Board of Canvassers do not have the authority to commence a ‘recounting’ of votes.” ...

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Judge halts certification of Detroit election

LANSING - Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk ordered the Michigan Board of Canvassers to stop the retabulation of the Detroit mayoral primary election votes. Judge Draganchuk issued a temporary restraining order, Aug. 29, to halt the election review process after a lawsuit was filed claiming that the Board went beyond the state constitution in their process of retabulating the write-in votes ...

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Malcolm X: The Farce on Washington

In the midst of the media frenzy around the 1963 March on Washington, history will not absolve us if we ignore Malcolm’s description of the March as “the farce on Washington.” This is because the radical rejection of integration into a society that has reduced human beings to commodities is as much a part of black American history as the liberal struggle to be accepted into it. ...

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Have we reduced fear in the community? This will be an important question for Detroit citizens to consider after the tenure of Emergency Manager-appointed Detroit Police Chief James Craig, and after the overall public policy experiment of emergency management. The appointment of Craig represents an attempt to improve city services for Detroiters, one of Gov. Snyder and EM Orr’s promises. Streetlights and sa ...

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City clerk botches Detroit election

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers did not certify Detroit city elections that held write-in candidate Mike Duggan as the top vote getter in the Aug. 6 primary. The State Board of Canvassers will now decide the Detroit election. The Aug. 20 meeting became lively when Board of Canvassers’ Chairman Carol Arkin read the number of votes officially tallied for Duggan: 23,970. On election night, the Detroit Dep ...

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Board of Canvassers: Napoleon beats Duggan in primary

The Wayne Board of Canvassers met Aug. 20 to certify votes for the Detroit mayoral Election. The body threw out over 20,000 of write-in candidate Mike Duggan’s votes due to improper marking in the poll books. According to the Board there were 69,000 total votes cast for the office of mayor. The Board’s count places candidate Benny Napoleon over Duggan with 28,391 votes and Duggan with 23,970 votes.   S ...

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