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Midterm election a national nightmare for Democrats

The worst election nightmare of African American civil and voting rights leaders has happened. Democrats lost their 55-45 majority control of the U. S. Senate on Election Day, to the Republican Party, which in the past has failed the NAACP legislative report card nearly 100 percent of the time. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle, J.D.

The Democratic Party is suffering from some freaky paralysis that renders Dems incapable of defining who and what Dems are and why the voter should vote for a Democrat. ... When independent voters see Dems turning on President Obama in a most vile manner, why would they vote for candidates of such a party? ...

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Detroit-based businesses call on city leadership to support Community Benefits Agreements

Although an increase in the number of development projects in Detroit shows promise for the city’s future, it is crucial to make sure local residents and community stakeholders share in the economic benefits of these large-scale projects. CBAs are designed to do just that, according to the American Planning Association. ...

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‘Black Face is not ok’ or ‘Just in time for Halloween’

Every year, around Halloween, it becomes important to remind folks that black face is not ok. As Detroit goes through it’s so-called renaissance and we have an influx of ‘new’ residents it seems to be an especially timely reminder that black face is offensive. This week, at Detroit’s Slow Roll -- a bike event which brings a diverse audience together to ride through these city streets --- some riders took th ...

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‘Motown: The Musical’ reanimates past, puts new generation in the spotlight

The play, “Motown: The Musical,” is based on Motown founder Berry Gordy’s 1994 autobiography, “To Be Loved: The Music, The Magic, The Memories of Motown,” weaves the story of how Gordy developed the iconic label with the music that made it famous worldwide. In addition to the Broadway show still running, Motown the Musical recently began a touring company, which debuted in Detroit’s Fischer Theatre Oct. 22. ...

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