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Brandeis U study says policies and practices — not personal behavior — drive disparities

As long as most of us can remember, Black communities have taught and believed that a college education is the key to social and economic advancement. But according to a new research and policy brief by Brandeis University scholars, that long-held belief is only one of several factors affecting Black America’s ability to build wealth. ...

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Guns, not the Klan, are the real threat

Chicago suffers unbearable levels of gun violence, yet the victims remain largely silent. They travel from funeral home to graveyard, rather than march from church to gun shop. The president is applauded when he calls for action on gun violence, but before his plane leaves the tarmac, more are shot, including even the sister of one of the young children standing behind him during his address. ...

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Pershing champs celebrate at Club Waterfalls

After winning a city championship, two Pershing High School coaches and their colleagues hosted an after party celebration at Club Waterfalls. Formerly known as the River Rock, Club Waterfalls recently opened their doors to new club promoters Enjoy Life Entertainment. Kendall LeSure, Wydell Henry, James Broadnax and Tyrese Harris hosted the celebration. All are Pershing alumni. ...

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‘EAA is failing us’

A group of more than a dozen student leaders at Mumford High School met Feb. 7 to address what they call issues of social inequity in their school. They call themselves the Social Justice League (SJL) and have aligned with teachers, parents and community members to improve the quality of education they currently receive as part of the state’s Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) school district. ...

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Mayor Bing is not a strong leader

If Mayor Bing was to run for mayor in the upcoming election, would you vote for him? Why or why not? No. He hasn’t done anything that he said he was going to do. How has the city gone bankrupt? He is worst than Kwame and no one (is) alleging he took anything. He even took a lot of buses off the street. I would like my next mayor to bring growth to the city and carry out what he or she says in their campaign ...

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Budget cuts will slow economy

There is lots of buzz about our nation’s “economic recovery” in these first weeks of 2013. The stock market has been rising, some would say even soaring. We postponed the fiscal cliff crisis, albeit only for a few weeks. March is the new deadline. The tone and tenor of debt ceiling conversations has shifted slightly, though this will not be an issue easily negotiated. President Obama says raising the debt c ...

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Housing rehab program a success for low-income residents

Take a moment and imagine desperately needing a new roof for your home and not being able to afford it. Or to make matters worse, having a worn-out furnace that keeps breaking down and needing new parts, especially during the winter months. The Neighborhood Impact Program (NIP) housing rehabilitation grant is designed to provide low-income housing residents in Detroit the opportunity to have up to $7,500 wo ...

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Our children deserve better

Every generation believes their children deserve to be better off than they were. This belief inspired the first slave rebellion in 1663, when a new law dictated that children of African slaves would not be able to rise above the status of their parents. This belief led Linda Brown’s parents and the NAACP to defeat segregated schooling. And it is this belief that keeps education at the center of the modern- ...

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Water workers back to work — on probation

Detroit wastewater workers returned to work Oct. 5 after a five-day strike. The 36 workers initiating the strike, which included top union officials John Riehl and Michael Mullholland, were suspended and threatened with termination only days after they walked off their jobs Sept. 30 in protest of a proposed 80 percent cut to their workforce. ...

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