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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

My mother died a union member after working at GM more than 30 years. That alone is reason not to hate on the unions even if the Labor Day Parade in Detroit turned out to be little more than a photo-op for Vice President (would-like-to-be President) Joe Biden and a disappointment to thousands who couldn’t hear the VP because they were locked out, away from the sound system. That is the level of organizing t ...

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Keep your garden growing into the fall

If you loved summer gardening, you can keep your garden growing right through fall. Here’s how to make the most of fall season gardening. Size up the soil Most vegetable plants require full sun for six or more hours a day, and because fall provides a bit less sunlight than summer, you may need to relocate your plot to make the most of shorter days. If moving your garden isn’t an option, you can still take f ...

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Lupita Nyong’o named ‘World’s Most Beautiful Person’ by People

Lupita Nyong’o was named People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Person” 2014 — but the choice was hardly a surprise. The Mexico-born Kenyan beauty has been riding a wave of critical acclaim from her role as the enslaved character Patsey in director Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” — for which she won a best supporting actress Oscar. During the awards season, she also became the gold standard for a Holl ...

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‘Ex-treasurer Andy Dillon enriches himself off Detroit bankruptcy’

“Conflicts of interest, corruption and cronyism are all becoming business as usual at Snyder's Treasury Department, and that's why we need an immediate investigation. Dillon used his position of public trust as State Treasurer to line up his next job and feather his own nest with the very firm he was supposed to be monitoring.” ...

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Hip hop battles homelessness

By Steve Furay Special to the Michigan Citizen Some of the city’s best rap artists will donate their talents to benefit the homeless at a special hip hop concert on Nov. 9. The coalition, Hip Hop Elevation, will raise funds from ticket sales and request donations of canned foods and gently used coats and clothing to be given to the those in need. DJ Butter and DJ Los will provide the sounds for emcees inclu ...

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