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Photo ID Laws Could Disenfranchise Black Youth

By Freddie Allen NNPA WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly half a million young Blacks face a tough choice as the Nov. 6 presidential election approaches: either get a new, government-issued photo identification or don’t vote. In “Turning Back the Clock on Voting Rights,” the Black Youth Project, a group that fosters political and civil engagement among young African Americans, outlined how the lack of government-issu ...

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Water: Think globally, act locally

The rallying call for activists in the 21st century is “think globally, act locally.” Detroit must come to understand that mantra. Whether the other side of 8 Mile, the family next door or folk in Boliva, South Africa, or Mexico water is a major issue – how to get it to everyone at an affordable price. Detroit’s city leaders and residents must understand that the battle over the city’s water is linked to a ...

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