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‘Ex-treasurer Andy Dillon enriches himself off Detroit bankruptcy’

“Conflicts of interest, corruption and cronyism are all becoming business as usual at Snyder's Treasury Department, and that's why we need an immediate investigation. Dillon used his position of public trust as State Treasurer to line up his next job and feather his own nest with the very firm he was supposed to be monitoring.” ...

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Hip hop battles homelessness

By Steve Furay Special to the Michigan Citizen Some of the city’s best rap artists will donate their talents to benefit the homeless at a special hip hop concert on Nov. 9. The coalition, Hip Hop Elevation, will raise funds from ticket sales and request donations of canned foods and gently used coats and clothing to be given to the those in need. DJ Butter and DJ Los will provide the sounds for emcees inclu ...

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Economic stagnation for many, while billionaires thrive

Africa has 55 billionaires at a time when the number of Africans living in extreme poverty has risen from 205 million to 414 million over the past three decades, according to the World Bank. Three of the billionaires are women — the mother of Kenya’s president, a daughter of Angola’s president and a Nigerian oil tycoon and fashion designer. The richest man is Nigeria’s Aliko Dangoe, with a fortune of $20 bi ...

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Recount Fizzles

By Phreddy Wischusen The Michigan Citizen When the Wayne County Board of Canvassers read Speckin Forensic Laboratories’ assessment that 19 of Detroit’s Aug. 6 primary ballots were most likely all written by separate individuals, in other words, not fraudulent, exasperated candidates and volunteer challengers erupted. At the Sept. 23 meeting of the board, accountant and recount petitioner Tom Barrow told the ...

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Judge orders Orr to withdraw Chapter 9 filing

PA 436 is unconstitutional and in violation of Article 9 Section 24 of the Michigan Constitution to the extent that it permits the Governor to authorize an emergency manger to proceed under Chapter 9 in any manner which threatens to diminish or impair accrued pension benefits; and PA 436 is to that extent of no force or effect. ...

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In her own words: An open letter from Assata Shakur

On the 40th anniversary of the arrest of ex-political prisoner in exile Assata Shakur for the death of New Jersey Police Officer Werner Foerster, the FBI added Shakur to their Most Wanted Terrorist List, making her the first woman and second domestic terrorist to make the list. In additon, the NJPD contributed $1 million to the FBI’s $1 million bounty on Shakur. The following is an open letter from Assata S ...

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