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Celebrate the holidays with Detroit artists


D. S. Sense

By Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen

This time of year reminds us of the goodness in others.  In many ways, this season unearths our humanity, by chipping away with acts of kindness the stone walls we build around ourselves.  There are certain people, however, with creative gifts who do this all year long. The Michigan Citizen has reported on these people — artists, singers, rappers, authors, poets, etc. throughout the years.

Our gift to you is a reminder of these special artists so you can share their works and stories with someone special in your life this holiday season.

From the elders of the Cosmic Jazz Community of Detroit and Daryl Brown, son of the late Godfather of Soul James Brown, the knowledge that great music is essential to our lives, with healing properties beyond the understanding of our time. We must trust our ears to those who know that music is life, and allow them to help us set our natural rhythms free.

From the Detroit poetry community, including jessica Care moore, Omari King Wise, Fluent, Honeycomb, Mic Write and many more, the expression that lies within and the dedication to teach the youth to stand up for their own identities. In each moment that any one of us is filled with this empowerment, we all become that much closer to the change in our world we wish to see.

From the Black women who rock, Steffanie Christi’an, Deekah Wyatt and Monica Blaire, the audacity to be a complete human being despite society’s expectations of you. We should all place our bets the glass ceilings will be shattered by the great women of color, the true leaders who will grow our families and change the direction of our future.

From Urban Style Comics, the creators of the Dreadlocks, Jihad A.D. and Black Watch, the dedicated teamwork that allows us to make the best of our collective ideas a reality. Detroit is a city of great potential at this moment, and only those that fully trust their plans and stick with their team until the end will be able to collect their full dues.

From music greats Nadir Omowale, Duminie DePorres, Zo!, DJ Dez and more, the soul of Motown that has never left the people. This soul can be heard in their music that continues to inspire the world, but true Detroiters know that the same flame burns within us all and inspires anything and everything you do.

From Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, mother of the late J Dilla and founder of Yancey Media Group, the patience and wisdom to allow negativity from others to run its course, bringing us closer to our goals. We should all allow ourselves to be free from any people or problems that make our lives troublesome.

From Cold Men Young and Clear Soul Forces, who represent Detroit’s renaissance of great young hip hop groups, the hunger to defy the odds of succeeding with the odds against you. Know that the haters will always try to shut down the most talented individuals in the room, their only job is to slow you down.

From the city’s grassroots hip hop community, including Invincible, The Raiz Up and the performers of the song «Own It» (Will See, S.I.R.I.U.S., Subverso, BRYCE, Sage and BlueLadyFireTide), the sharing of knowledge and experiences with others to help everyone stand up with their community and fight for their beliefs.

From D.S.Sense, ‘Nique LoveRhodes, Miz Korona, Insite the Riot and other female emcees that prove Detroit is the capital for the queens of hip hop, the security within that helps us move beyond all doubts in ourselves so we can express our greatness in action.

And from STARFLEET’s Black Bethoven, DJ LaJedi, 5 ELA and the Black History 101 Mobile Museum, the faith and belief in each other and knowing that only love will allow us to truly deliver an entire city from the depths of a depression to the resurrection of a Phoenix. The featured articles about theses artists can all be found at the Citi pages on our website,

Seasons greetings of love, peace and wisdom to all. Shine on.


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