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Citizen Patrols Needed

Crime is increasing in the city of Detroit. Citizen patrols have been shown to be a deterrent. If your neighborhood does not have a citizen patrol, would you organize one? If your neighborhood already has a citizen patrol, would you volunteer two to three hours a month?

We don’t have a citizen patrol in our neighborhood, but we have people who are interested in starting one. I would volunteer to participate if it was organized. Citizen patrols are helpful.

-Cynthia Willoughby

We have a block club but we don’t have a citizen patrol. I think it would help. I would help organize and would volunteer. Crimes are being committed by people in the neighborhood. We have to patrol our neighborhoods just like we have to clean up in front of our own house. When we do those things we make a better world.

-Dorhinda Sheppard

I don’t think my neighborhood has a citizen patrol. I certainly would help organize one. We have a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood and a citizen patrol would help the elderly. As a presence, it acts as a deterrent. People won’t steal if they know they are being watched.

-Eva Scott

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