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Citizens not resisting EM

Demetrius Pope

Demetrius Pope

By Puakea Olaisha Anderson
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Are you actively resisting the appointment of  emergency managers?

“I am not resisting actively, because I thought we voted not to have an emergency manager. How can the governor just appoint an EM after we said no? I voted on it, but I am not doing anything else.”
—Teshay Ragsdale

“What is the mayor doing? I heard that people were going down there to stand in front of the door so that the EM could not get in. I am not going to jail for that. I need someone to do something about the crime in the city and help our city.”
— Crystal Powell

“I am totally against it, but I did not do anything to protest. I wish my city did not have to have an EM, but I guess we were not doing our job. Somebody who does not know anything about Detroit had to come here; that’s sad.”
— Demetrius Pope


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