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Citizens say it is important to vote

Robert Simmons, Patricia Jones, Diallo McCaskle

The primary election was held Aug. 7. Detroit turnout was typically low. Did you vote? And do you think it is important to vote?

I voted. I vote every time I get a chance. I’ve been a precinct delegate for 20 years and the turnout seems to get lower each year. The youngsters are not participating. They came out for Obama. Maybe they’ll come out for him again. I certainly hope they come out in November.
— Robert Simmons

Certainly, I voted. Every vote counts and I wanted my vote to be counted. A lot of people don’t understand that. I’m going to vote Nov. 6. Every Black person who can, should vote. Their voice counts; their vote counts. If they don’t vote, they shouldn’t complain. I hear Black people dogging Obama. They don’t realize he is trying to fix what Bush broke. Like the old people say: It is easier to get in trouble than to get out of trouble.
— Patricia Jones

I didn’t vote. I didn’t know there was a vote. That’s no excuse but it is what happened. It is important to vote because voting is a way to participate in running the whole country. I plan to vote in November.
— Diallo McCaskle

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