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Right-to-Work for less

Republicans are working to pass the Right-to-Work Law in Michigan. The law is one that will make it harder for unions to represent workers effectively. Why is Right-to-Work bad for Michigan’s working families? RTW states have a poverty rate of 12.5 percent compared with 10.2 percent in other states. More workers go without health care in right-to work states 15.4 percent than Michigan 11.6 percent. Michigan workers have, at $7,600 annually, a higher annual average pay than workers in right-to-work states. These are a few of the reasons, but research is necessary so that citizens can make an informed decision. For information:

This week we asked citizens if they have heard of it? Do they understand it? If they haven’t what’s the first reaction when you hear the phrase? And how do they feel about it know after looking at the facts?

Renard Jackson, 40
Yes, I’ve heard of it. It’s very misleading and its not right; it should be explained better to the public. I am totally against it.

Shannon Head, 17
I have heard of the law and yes, it is very misleading. I don’t want the law to pass because when you think about it, it’s already tough for men who get out of jail to get a job. Imagine something like this passing. It would make it even harder. It seems like they are hiring all the Mexicans for the jobs and leaving none for us.
Jeffery Lee, 21
I’ve never heard of it, but, when I hear it I think of getting a good job and good money. That really sucks in the way that they are wording that.

Herbert Lawson, 61
Everybody should have the right to work. I’m a union man. I’ve been a part of the UAW and the Hotel Union for many years and, frankly, I don’t like what they are trying to do.

D. Clark, 57
When I hear that phrase I think of everybody getting jobs. That tactic sounds like a Reagan move. Kill off the middle class. There is a reason that people say tighten your belt when a Republican gets in office and this is a prime example. They just don’t want the poor man to have nothing.

Just like we have a right to free speech I feel that we have a right to work. I wasn’t aware of the law, but if I had not been educated on it or educated myself I would have not known that it wasn’t good.

L.J. Cowen
(not pictured) I am aware of the law and I am against it because it’s not good for Michigan. I feel that people are being misled. When they hear right-to-work they are hearing only what they want to hear.

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