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Citizens support board canceling contract with EMU

Dennis Bryant, Greg Humphrey, Herman Davis

On Aug. 29, the Detroit Board of Education voted to terminate the interlocal agreement between the Detroit Public Schools and Eastern Michigan University that created the Educational Achievement Authority and transferred 15 DPS schools and 11,000 students to the EAA. Claiming enrollment in the Detroit Public Schools is now too low for board members to be elected by district, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit late last week seeking to remove seven Detroit school board members from office and requesting an injunction to block the board from taking any future action. Do you agree with the board’s action and what do you think of the attorney general’s counter action?

I think the board was correct. The attorney general’s action is just another way of taking the school system and dismantling it; a way for the one percent to bring in the corporations, make money off our children and sell off the assets.
Dennis Bryant

The board is trying to regain control of the system. Their opponents are trying to do new things but they are unwilling to ask the people who are here what they think should be done. The people support the board.
Greg Humphrey

The board has passed resolutions to reconstitute the schools. The Supreme Court decision gave it that authority when the petitions were allowed to go on the ballot. The attorney general can take us to court but it won’t change the fact we have the authority to make the decision we made.
Herman Davis, DPS board member


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