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Citizens want Bing recalled

State Rep. John Olumba has asked the Michigan attorney general to investigate the transfer of the Detroit health department to a private nonprofit corporation. He has also asked the voters of Detroit to recall Mayor Dave Bing. Do you support the recall of Mayor Bing?

Yes, I support the recall. Bing hasn’t done anything to help the people who need help most. Nor has he done anything to improve the condition of the city. He needs to go and he needs to go now.
Frederick Raymond

We should have recalled Bing a long time ago. He still hasn’t told us his plan for recovery. All he talks about is cut, cut, cut. He never says anything about building.
Gary Kenley

Adrian Robinson

Adrian Robinson

Bing should be recalled. Everything is worse since he took office. The schools are in shambles; there are no jobs; the busses don’t run on time; the grass isn’t cut; the recreation centers are closed. It’s terrible. We definitely need to recall him.
Adrian Robinson


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