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Citizens would continue fight against EM Law

Taqiyya Eliard

Taqiyya Eliard

If Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager Law, is repealed and state Republicans craft and enact another law that takes power from the people, what are you willing to do about it?

I’ll work with people who are working against this law. The Emergency Manager Law is no good. My younger brother goes to one of those EAA schools. It’s a mess. I’ve heard there have been lunchroom riots and teachers held hostage. This emergency manager stuff is a joke.
Taqiyya Eliard

We have to fight and overturn it just like we did Public Act 4. (Republicans) think they’ll make it invincible but God is on our side. We have to do whatever is necessary. Before I’ll be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave.
Reverend David Murray

I should have been closely following what’s happening. I know a little bit about Public Act 4 and the little I know, I don’t like. I’m willing to work against what is not in my best interest. I’m not sure of any specific thing I’d do.
Ralph Fullilove


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