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Community Forum Regarding Milton Hall Shooting

SAGINAW — A viral YouTube video released last week by CNN has civil rights and community leaders, locally and nationally, calling for immediate action and Justice for the family of Milton Hall. The video in question shows Milton arguing and surrounded by police when suddenly officers started to shoot multiple rounds at Mr. Hall, who was known by police and community. The family looks for answers as it is been over two months since the shooting on July 1.

Rev. Charles E. Williams II said, “After spending much time with Mr. Hall’s mother, I think it’s imperative for the family to know the fate of their son’s killers. It is the duty of the prosecutor to represent on behalf of the people of Saginaw, therefore he should have some answers for them.”

Rev. Charles Williams II is the president of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network, executive board member of PFAW’s: African American Ministers Leadership Council, the president of the Detroit Faith-based community organization MOSES (a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate) and the proud pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church of Detroit, where Malcolm X recorded his message to the grassroots speech.

The Concerned Citizens of Saginaw will hold a Sept. 17 community forum to address the Milton Hall shooting and possible options to improve local police use of force policy and community accountability. The forum will feature Rep. John Conyers, Jr., ranking member of the House Committee on the Judiciary and author of the federal police Pattern and Practice civil enforcement statute (42 U.S.C.A. 14141), along with additional experts on police practices.

The forum is designed to receive testimony from members of the Saginaw community who witnessed and were impacted by the shooting of 49-year-old Milton Hall. The incident, in which Hall was allegedly shot 46 times by members of the Saginaw Police Department, has prompted a vocal community response from groups in the Saginaw area and beyond who are calling for justice in this matter. The forum will also provide an opportunity for reflection, reconciliation and development of a plan for moving toward implementation of best practices by local police.

Rev. Al Sharpton, said “I spoke with Ms. Jewel Hall yesterday on my radio broadcast ‘Keeping It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton’ and it is clearer to me that this family has been ignored and disrespected. National Action Network will further engage in peaceful nonviolent demonstration if this family and community continues to be ignored by Prosecutor Micheal D. Thomas.”

The forum will start at 6 p.m. at Word of Faith International Ministries, 500 N. Washington Ave., Saginaw, pastored by Dr. Byron Hayes.

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