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Cops can choose: help or hurt

I swear the police get under my skin, especially in Detroit. Charlie LeDuff just ran a story on Fox 2 News singling out a man arrested in the Clairmount and 12th Street neighborhood (relatively close to me, the Central HS district where I stay).

DPD ran an operation named ‘Mistletoe’ to target drug centers (dope houses). The chief of police, paddy wagon, homeland security, collection of squad cars and Charlie LeDuff/ Fox 2 camera team and what I estimate were over 25 officers kicked in enough doors to arrest 37 people. The featured arrested man had a pocket of crack/cocaine and heroin (according to Charlie LeDuff).

So an operation of many officers and combined law enforcement with TV coverage produced one man with a pocket full of drugs worth covering on TV.

I hate to belabor a fact I’ve felt as a Black male for years, but even in the great TV series “the Wire” it was displayed to change the neighborhood the police should ingratiate themselves personally within the community.

I believe the best way for police to ingratiate themselves within the community is to: Build relationships with people whether suspected of committing crime(s) or not, provide resources when available, and actually make police services available to people. This I believe will offer great strides of change in my neighborhood in curtailing behavior deemed destructive to particular individuals.

It’s only fitting the number of officers used, costs expended and media provided in this effort produced 37 arrests. I truly feel more and more that the American justice system is built to seize money from individuals who face justice conflicts.

This idea of the prison industrial complex becomes more clear and clear to me as I grow older. Particularly as a Black man, I believe I’m deemed as a target for police and the American justice system to exploit. A majority of the Black men I know have all faced some level of this justice system — costing us money, time and accessibility to opportunity. Overwhelmingly the suspended licenses, arrests, court cases, jail sentences and prison sentences all are realities my associates as Black Men have faced.

— Detroit Wae


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