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Corruption and the impact on human rights

Corruption always leads to violations of human rights insofar as those in power prey upon those who are not in power. Corruption also violates the principles of nations who claim to be democratic and are supposed to operate under the rule of law.

Corruption not only violates democracy and the rule of law, but it also diminishes everyone, including those who choose to participate in it. Although corruption has always been, and always will be, an intrinsic part of all societies, those who actively cooperate with it, and even promote it, are committing crimes against humanity.

The Japanese term for corruption literally translates as “dark mist,” which is a very accurate description of a thing that is very deep and sinister, and is causing the ever-increasing level of moral decay in bringing about a slow death of us all.  I very much want my children and grandchildren to inherit a society that is vibrant and healthy.

If the seriously out-of-control corruption continues unabated, all they will inherit is a society of death and decay. Does anyone want to see this happen to their children and grandchildren? As the saying goes, “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing about it.”

Many of us are doing nothing about confronting the evil by accepting the corruption among those who hold public office as the norm. We must stop voting to elect, or re-elect a person based solely on which political party they are affiliated with, their positions on issues, while important to many, such as abortion-on-demand and same sex marriage, while failing to address the issue of political corruption.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein said doing the same things and expecting different results is insanity, and yet, that is precisely what many do when we do not hold politicians accountable to the public who votes them into public office. The different results must be to see this state become a much better state by tackling the corruption head on and to seek and restore what we say in the Pledge of Allegiance, “Liberty and Justice for All.”

One person, who is each and every one of us, can make a difference. Many of us united for a just and noble cause, can and will, make a miracle.

Robin Sanders
Ann Arbor, Mich.


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