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Dems should make their platform plain

Darrell Brown, Curtis Martin, Kenyetta Shabazz

The Democratic National Convention has been held. Strategy and tactics have been developed. The public speeches have been made. What did the speakers say to make you go out and vote?

I listened to some of the speakers. The one that moved me most was (President Bill) Clinton. He broke it down, made it plain. That’s what the Democrats need to do. They need to make their whole program simple. Everybody needs to understand their plan. Everybody needs to feel like they are part of the plan and they will only feel that way if they understand the plan.
Darrell Brown

I’m a Democrat and will vote the Democratic ticket but I didn’t hear anybody say anything that makes me anxious to vote. Seems like the same ole, same ole to me. I want to believe the Democrats will make a difference but I’m disappointed every time. I look around me and things have not improved. My city is falling down around me. The people reflect the condition of the city. Sorry to be so negative, but…
Curtis Martin

I didn’t see much of the convention but I still have an opinion. [President Barack] Obama should continue to push education. Education has enabled us to move upward. The lack of education is causing us to fall back. I want to hear how the Democratic Party is going bring resources to the city of Detroit.
Kenyetta Shabazz

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