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Detroit chooses

Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark study

The photo above is of the landmark Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark study asking Black children to choose between a white and Black doll — as a measurement of self-love and the impact of racism on children. More often than not, the Black child chose the white doll.

The study made us consider this election. Was the choice of Michael Duggan nothing more than the choice of whiteness over Blackness? Or does it signal something else? Does it mean Detroiters simply picked the best candidate for the moment? Does it mean corporate media gave Duggan a pass; they never vetted him because of their own racism? Was it the lack of focus of the Napoleon campaign — a campaign that lacked life until Krystal Crittendon joined?

Throughout Black history — in this long struggle, the continuum — we have learned Black people have often employed new techniques, strategies and weapons to lift the overall condition of Black people but abandoned the device if necessary.

Michael Duggan is the next mayor of Detroit. To represent Detroiters, he must stand strong against Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. People who did not back him believe he will not, if tested, go against the Snyder administration, which supported and sometimes funded his campaign. This is his chance to prove them wrong and stop the unchecked power of Lansing over Detroit, or open the door for further looting of the city.


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