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Detroit entrepreneur accessorizes

Newspaper handbag by Angelique Collections  COURTESY PHOTO

Newspaper handbag by Angelique Collections COURTESY PHOTO

Angelique collections launches unique eco-friendly bags

By Phreddy Wischusen
The Michigan Citizen

As an entrepreneur and professional, Angela Boone has worn many hats; she is the author of several books, the publisher of The Outer Court News, and a motivational speaker. Her former construction firm, Boone Management, completed school renovations at Howe Elementary and she worked in energy management as a project control specialist with Honeywell International. On Oct. 19, she will officially launch the latest in her eclectic endeavors, the Angelique Collection, a line of eco-friendly handbags and accessories.

In 2009, while taking care of an ailing parent, Boone saw a TV program where people had fashioned handbags out of candy wrappers. Boone had a sketchbook full of designs for handbags she had dreamed up over the years.  Inspired by the program, she set out to make her own line using the materials she had around her: newspapers and magazines.

The first bag took her eight hours to make.  Though she still stitches each bag by hand, Boone says now, after prepping materials, she can crank out each purse less than an hour. Asserting the originality of each hand-made item Boone says, “Even if a another lady has the same style, the pattern will never be the same.  I never repeat a pattern.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported 28 percent of solid waste in 2011 consisted of paper/paperboard products. By repurposing materials destined for landfills into permanent fashion accessories, the Angelique Collection has a positive impact on the environment. Even the bags’ waterproof vinyl exterior is recyclable, Boone says, and the heavy-duty vinyl she uses for the straps harms no animals, unlike leather.  Boone sources all her paper from clean sources such as libraries and bookstores.  She also makes briefcases, iPad and iPhone cases, earrings and pet leashes.

With her brick-and-mortar location in Southwest Detroit still under development, Boone decided to launch the brand on-line Oct. 19 with a live streaming fashion show and a 1.800 number where viewers can call and pose questions to the Angelique Collections’ team and buy by phone. Boone will reveal her line of repurposed paper Christmas ornaments then, as well.

Currently her work is available in a number of locally-owned shops: Flo Boutique in Midtown, Eastern Market Artisans’ Market, Roloni’s Boutique and Berkley’s in the Penobscot Building.

Michigan Citizen readers can look out soon for bags fashioned from “America’s most progressive community newspaper.”

Angelique Collections will launch live on your computer Oct. 19 from 3-5 p.m. at

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