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Detroit Public Schools is funding EAA

What exactly do the offices of Gov. Rick Snyder, State Treasurer Andy Dillon, Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts, Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) Chancellor John Covington and the EAA Executive Board know about $12 million in loans made to the EAA from Detroit Public Schools? 

It appears the Gov. Snyder and Treasurer Dillon helped push a loan for their otherwise failing and underfunded statewide district, EAA.

According to e-mails, Gov. Snyder’s office and Treasury officials advised the EAA on how to change the loan application to receive much needed funding.

The EAA board members say they knew nothing of the loan — and may not have. The board minutes are written so obtusely they provide little information or exact confirmation.

Additionally, no one is commenting or returning calls.

This is unethical at best. Imagine the Detroit Board of Education manipulating information for loan approval. Others have gone to jail for less.

Gov. Snyder has a record of trumping transparency and good governance for expediency and financial plans. From skunk schools, as reported by the Detroit News, to the policy of Emergency Financial Management, his relentless positive action is corrupt.

The EAA board should know about $12 million in loans unless the Governor and State Treasurer tried to evade the board? Questions abound unless someone steps forward to explain.

If the EAA board did know, they should step forward.

And secretary on the EAA board, Mike Duggan, who is running for mayor of Detroit and has repeatedly denied knowing about the transaction, should resign immediately.

Duggan has said self-determination is important for Detroit. On the campaign trail he has also said, Detroit must, at this point in its history, control its assets and destiny. Duggan said he sits on the EAA board because he feels like it is a good option for educating our kids.

But you can’t tout self-determination and sit on a board that effectively steals from Detroit Public Schools children and destroys local control.

EM Roy Roberts must also resign from being a member of the EAA executive board.

How can he be a good steward, an effective fiduciary for Detroit’s children, and borrow money — in less than transparent circumstances — from a financially struggling district to fund a statewide project that destroys and weakens the very system he is supposed to stabilize?

The EAA is built on the financially embattled Detroit Public Schools — literally.

The governor is using tax payer dollars and school children to fund his solution to low-achieving schools — a perilous educational experiment.

Detroit taxpayers already built and refurbished the schools in which the EAA is housed. Public assets are being treated like private property and taxpayer dollars like private funds.

The EAA was supposed to be the dream district. That parents who favor market-driven school choice would send their kids to the financially flush district awash in philanthropic dollars and cutting edge pedagogy.

By Snyder’s own logic, as a businessman, he should recognize the EAA is unsustainable and an education experiment  that has yet to yield positive educational outcomes. It must end.



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