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Dems invade Detroit

Special to the Michigan Citizen

The Democrats have their own Crimea, a.k.a. Detroit. The Dem invasion is underway. The Dem mantra is: “We must get rid of Snyder.” It is hard to disagree with that. Yet, such a ding bat assertion begs the issue. What do “we” replace Snyder with? Oh, anyone but Snyder?

Cowering in the ring is Schauer.

Not exactly a crowd pleaser, but Mark is the anointed one. Democratic Party democracy dredges up memories of Howard Wolpe. Nice enough guy, but that didn’t really work out did it?

Ahhh, the war stories: It was 1972, the first National Black Political Convention in Gary, Ind., was underway when Coleman Young decided he couldn’t take it anymore, and he led the entire Michigan delegation with the exception of five of us out of the convention in protest of us daring to criticize the Democratic Party for woeful neglect.

Right now, turnout in Black Michigan will not be enough for Dems to defeat Snyder. It is difficult to give a damn about politicians who have not made a positive impact on your life but dog you out for not voting. Deliver — do something for someone other than yourself — then tell us how many died for the right to vote. Folk are dying every damn day for the right to live — shame ain’t working out here for do nothing democrats.

I’ve even been a delegate to a Democratic National Convention, representing zip code 90210 as a Jerry Brown delegate in 1992. My position about the Democratic Party and its treatment of Black America hasn’t changed since the Gary convention 42 years ago. But you have a Black President; isn’t that progress? I love my president and yes, the election and re-election of President Obama is one of the historical highlights of America, if not Detroit.

The carnage data of Detroit is clear and should be repeated over and over.

Sixty percent of Detroit children live in poverty. Infant mortality in Detroit remains at a Third World level. Illiteracy is at a “don’t have any books” nearly 50 percent. Schools are not working. Detroit single female head of households need help and are getting nothing while blight removal is the top priority as movers and shakers look the other way as human blight grows with every birth of a child that cannot be cared for. Before we get into politics, we need to get into parenting and building stable families with parents and a nation that gives a damn about babies born alive in a city held hostage by fear that makes killing one another easy.

So Dems tell us to support a winner and we keep losing and we know this blind allegiance to one party is not working for us in Detroit. Happy GOTVing Mark and Gary.

Meanwhile, a wild junk man is in a holding pattern to replace Robert Ficano as Wayne County Executive. Wonder how much copper and how many catalytic convertors ran through his junkyard?

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Action Network. Follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at 

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