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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Sam’s garden survey  COURTESY PHOTO

Sam’s garden survey

The right peopling of Detroit

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Media mind snack. Beware of personality reporting that masquerades as journalism. Even the Wall Street Journal can be reality fact checked as a “Slate” blogger did on a shaky WSJ report on global warming.

Journalistic arrogance can always be checked. Never accept what these folk say blindly just because they are on your TV, in print or on your car radio. When the reporter becomes the story, watch out! I mean it’s akin to giving a known plagiarist a TV audience or, worse yet, have a tries too hard to be hip alternative paper that is just a porn hub literacy effort.

Charles Pugh. Phew. This may have been a shakedown from Jump Street. Maybe this kid didn’t know how to break it to his mama that he was, well you know, kinda; “golly gee willikers, mom, I want to come out but don’t know how.” KMA. This is a shakedown and a hit on gone real bad with an of-age boy trying to tell momma that he wants to come out. In hustle denial, mom retains Mr. Jive Azz lawyer. A botched mess all the way around. No casualties — yet.

Sorry, Charlie, no gold stars on this one.

Does anyone really believe that the title of president of Detroit City Council means a damn thing? It doesn’t. Means nothing. AbsoFkinglutely nothing. Give the plantation the illusion of a voice after democracy has been castrated.

Council can only fake/legitimate the democracy destroying, union busting handkerchief head Negro proxy of Governor Snyder KMA.

A Detroit Raw thumbs up to Linda Wheeler and the Highland Park folk — Citizens for Highland Park Public Schools (CHPPS) — who shut down Woodward in protest after HP schools EM Donald Weatherspoon trashed over 10,000 Black history books. People were rightfully upset by the EM ignoramus that is a breath from a full-scale book burning tirade.

Note to union leaders: Highland Park was not afraid to engage in shut-it-down direct action to protest democracy destroying union busters. Confrontation activism gave birth to the union movement. What happened? Where are the big “moneyed up” professional civil rights groups?

The heart of real people standing strong is the new leadership we need and must support. Let’s support CHPPS — a freedom fighting role model.

Of course, a Detroit bankruptcy will go down. Bankruptcies happen every day in America, ask GM or Donald Rump Trump. All the bondholders pimped Detroit’s fiscal misery so there is the piper to pay. The Detroit EM’s conflict of interest law firm Jones Day will collect no matter what.

Heart of the Detroit Disaster Bus Tour whacked as creditors cancel? The Negro EM proxy of Snyder now knows that his occupation of Detroit is more than well-fed bankers and bondholders need on their plate, and they don’t want to view the damage they’ve caused in Detroit with predatory lending and not so benign neglect.

I’m tending a small garden plot in Midtown and some jerkwater with a passe camera dangling from a silly strap armed with a so yesteryear clipboard approaches me saying he is from Lawrence Tech working on a survey, flashing a kiddies badge that is supposed to legitimize his worthless azz. Guy starts asking me questions about how I’d like to see Brush Park develop and finally asks me if there is a fear factor about them. Them? Yeah, people that live in Brewster projects, ya know, “how do you feel about ‘them?’” KMA.

I told him I was more afraid of Ph.D. candidates, their computers and outdated cameras than anyone in Brewster and that he ought to be interviewing the people of Brewster. Brewster is a component of Brush Park. Say what? WTF.

The science of gentrification building economic walls on a foundation of institutional racism sucks. The dehumanization of our people makes relocation and walling off much easier for those that are downsizing and right peopling Detroit. KMA.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for the National Action Network Michigan Chapter. He can be reached at or

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