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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

EM for a bankrupt America?

Sam RiddleBy Sam Riddle
Special to The Michigan Citizen

The U.S. marshal was taciturn, polite, no Dale Carnegie wannabe, as she dutifully queried Rev. Charles Williams II of the National Action Network (NAN) about NAN plans to shut down Detroit’s Fort Street between Shelby and Washington streets for a NAN Justice for Trayvon Rally.

The U.S. federal courthouse and the U.S. Department of Justice offices sandwiched the proposed rally site. Rev. Williams explained that the crowd he anticipated would warrant a street shutdown and that NAN would place a big flatbed truck at the Fort/Washington Street intersection for rally speakers. The reverend also informed the marshal that Flint and other cities would also be doing rallies at the same time as part of a 100 American cities “Justice for Trayvon” effort.

Jotting the information down, the marshal let us know that she would be informing her counterparts in Flint as she walked into the DOJ offices under the watchful eyes of her comrades that had been observing our street discussion. Marshal Dillon would have loved her fed swag. And yes, we understood that no trucks would be permitted in front of the U.S. courthouse. Yep, understood.

Under fed rooftop surveillance with state troopers on the ground, thousands gathered to hear speaker after speaker rail against American injustice and the historical significance of Black Americans having to endure another lynching justification.

I caught hell from some media watchdogs for daring to say that Detroit was Trayvon and we were being whacked by white azz Lansing. In over 45 years of engaging in activism, I have learned to be skeptical of those that believe there is a “right way” to speak truth to power. When we do a Justice for Trayvon rally, we are not selling Girl Scout cookies. Whites that want to tell us how to honor those that have been lynched by American justice should get out of the way as should their handkerchief head Negro apologists.

I know that we go hard in the D and that might make you too nervous to check out our rationale, but vigilantes don’t get nervous when they squeeze off killing rounds into our children and their supporters tell you to focus on Black on Black crime. Most crime in America is white on white.

While doing the Mildred Gaddis Inside Detroit radio talk show on WCHB and WJR’s Warren Pierce, I was wondering if some of these call-in folk ever just stop to think for themselves. I mean Detroit was hit by the same economy that whacked GM, Chrysler, too-big-to-fail multi- national predatory lending banks and Wall Street. Those entities endured poor leadership and corruption such as multibillion dollar insider trading and they went bankrupt. You bailed those folk out with corporate welfare TARP relief, why not Detroit, Mr. President? Still love you, just saying … help Detroit now.

The legacy of Robert Davis will not be tarnished by whatever is down the road because Davis’ tenacity has given us all insight into the workings of Gov. Snyder and his Negro proxy EM’s bankruptcy “recommendation.” LOL. No serious effort to do anything but go bankrupt with Mayor Bing simply serving as a neutered legitimizer. Unions call the EM a flat-out liar. We’ll take their word on that one.

Mind snack: Detroiters have been living in bankruptcy for years. We didn’t need a union-busting, democracy-destroying EM any more than a bankrupt federal government needs an EM to handle trillion dollar deficits. And union leaders must delete press conferences from their action agenda and get on with a general strike to preserve any semblance to a unionism legacy.

Deepest Detroit Raw sympathy and prayers for Mary Waters and her family. Mary’s mother began a new journey as God’s will has prevailed. Former State Representative Waters and NAN Michigan President Rev. Charles Williams demonstrated for Detroit that direct action works. They teamed with other environmentalists for justice and blocked Marathon and Koch brothers’ pollution spewing pet coke trucks delivering the crap for storage on the banks of the Detroit River. This week, it was announced that the storage facility would no longer accept that product. Thank you, Mary Waters and Rev. Charles Williams II for standing strong.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is the political director for National Action Network Michigan Chapter. He can be reached at and

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