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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Will Detroit write-in?

Sam RiddleBy Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

What if we had to write-in the name of the person that we want to be the next mayor of Detroit?

In this age of instant gratification — pleeez don’t make me think, click of a button and I’m there — to actually write anything is a daunting task and you want me to pencil fill in that little circle …

We don’t even write love letters.We Instagram, we e-mail, we tweet, we Facebook and we text endlessly but to pick up pen and paper? Yuck!

Mike Dugeon and Mike Duggan have one hell of a road to hoe. One of the Mikes can buy a lot of hoes and may yet get the job done. Now that is an analogy. I am not saying that you are a hoe. So unless you wear that red dress/gators and peddle your wares/influence — don’t fret.

Had my hair cut by one of those Mikes; as much as he charges, he could be on the other Mike’s team — damn! Twenty bucks plus five for a tip and I was underwhelmed with the cut, but Mike has a great personality. If you don’t have a way with people, you won’t make the cut in the “less hair is good” biz. The 3 Bs (barbers, bartenders and beauticians) require major people skills. Hmmm. Just a hop, skip and jump to politics, which requires the same generic skill set.Dugeon is loved by his customers, but he will be on the 313 bus driven by Fred Durhal to the political wastelands of Brewster after Tuesday’s primary election for mayor of Detroit. Not a bad deal for Mike — he increased his customer base and he is trending well-known.

Campaign finance is — in a buzzword — transparent. Still can’t figure out why the environmentalists are not up in arms about all the blades of grass Roger Penske has covered with cement on Belle Isle. That guy just gave $500,000 as a down payment to cement a deal where even more of the Isle goes hard as his toy cars spew noxious fumes to the delight of those shifting the gears of white privilege. Oh, the dough went to white Mike.

The FBI doesn’t blink. Pay to play is OK as long as it’s run through a PAC. The cash GOTV walk-around dollars are flowing in the mother of all Detroit literacy efforts.

Detroit writes. Right? Wrong. Unless Janice Winfrey does a sequel to her 59.941 absentee ballots whack job, Duggan should not survive the primary.Saddens me that very able attorney Krystal Crittendon and CPA Lisa Howze have not gained any traction with large numbers of women that will determine who will be the next mayor of Detroit. I would love to be wrong about my feel because we guys have screwed Detroit up for too long. If women supported women, this would be a different campaign.

Benny “Keep hitting me I love it” Napoleon will be the beneficiary of female votes based upon what I observed at Bert’s where women were easily 65-70 percent of the 1,500 plus attendees at a grassroots twenty dollar Napoleon fundraiser.

Only the nephew of legendary world heavyweight champion Joe Louis Barrow could have had the chutzpah to deck Duggan for the count requiring a write-in after a political towel throw-in. There is no senior housing facility that can contain Battlin’ Tom Barrow. I believe that Tom could shock the world and emerge from the primary to face Napoleon in the general election.

Electioneering hucksters will have a long moment of silence if I am correct and all that chump azz walk-around cash dries up.

Barrow simply has a base of die hards that will vote in what I project to be an abysmally low turnout primary (that will also help Duggan). Unfortunately for Barrow, that base will not dramatically expand for the general election, and Napoleon is destined to be the next mayor of Detroit despite having run a campaign “not to lose,” devoid of any substance.

My vote? I will vote for Krystal Crittendon who had that heart to say “No!” to democracy destroyers and mean it.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for the National Action Network Michigan Chapter. He can be reached at or 

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