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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Voter laying on the ground at Coleman A. Young Center. SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

Voter laying on the ground at Coleman A. Young Center. SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

The sky is not falling

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

She was an inspiration for me because as she lay on the ground unable to get up, she had enough mental capacity to know what she had come to the Coleman A. Young Community Center to do.

She voted while lying on the ground (did not appear to be a write-in).

Paramedics finally arrived and tended to the injured Detroit voter that was allowed to cast her ballot from a hard bed of concrete. Election day Detroit Raw kudos to the Detroit City Clerk’s staff for its display of common sense in allowing this woman to vote even as they secured medical assistance for her.

It is worth noting that Detroit at its best was on display as a sistah working the polls also happened to be a medical doctor that loaned her expertise to the situation. Other than Dr. Jerome Langston, how many MDs in Detroit hand out campaign literature?

If this woman could vote from a hard azz slab of concrete just prior to being carted off by paramedics, what does that say about the more than 80 percent of Detroiters that say “F it” and just say “no” to voting? KMA? Nope. That’s another column. I understand why folk don’t vote.

The sky is not falling.

A well-funded mother of all literacy efforts paid off in spades. Ahhhh, the sweet taste of affordable democracy. What a team effort! The mainstream media, Penske, Snyder, rogue UAW members, hipsters, Gilbertites, “sandwich signs don’t dehumanize me” poll workers et al. GOTV dollars well spent. Celebrate people!

Duh, Detroit election results are trending D-U-G-G-A-N.

The union-busting democracy destroying deal is cut. After the privileged white riot and looting of Detroit that will make ’67 seem like a sandbox spat, Detroit becomes another episode of the series “Profiles in Gentrification,” starring Harry Hipster.

Is it over? Nope. There is that wise 80 percent.

You must let people know who you are and where you stand on issues, Benny, as you expose the myth of turnaround. Feigned arrogance as cover for a campaign totally devoid of substance will make you a Black General Custer at The Little Big Horn on the Boulevard. It’s time to dump your kitchen cabinet and get some field hands Mister Napoleon.

Still, it will take a tremendous effort for Napoleon to overcome Duggan momentum by November. Victory will only be achieved for Napoleon by making sure that the words of the Negro EM proxy of Gov. Snyder ring out: “You are dumb and lazy!”

Detroit must show that we are not crazy nor will we be played by a handkerchief head frontman who thinks we have also forgotten the conspiratorial relationship with Christies and Sotheby’s price fixing that sent ex-con billionaire DIA art patron Al Taubman to the federal pen for bilking folk out of more than $400 million. Yet, the EM will pay over $200 grand for Christies to “consult” on appraising DIA art work. WTF?

A vote is never wasted. Every vote cast is a lifeline for democracy. Help restore democracy to Detroit. Vote.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for the Michigan National Action Network. He can be reached at or

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