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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Forest Whitaker, right, plays White House butler Eugene Allen in 'The Butler'

Forest Whitaker, right, plays White House butler Eugene Allen in ‘The Butler’

Create the drumbeat

By Sam Riddle
Special to The Michigan Citizen

“The Butler” is a great film to relive those never-ending times of societal and inner turmoil. Race, white power and the impact of direct action on racist institutions and personal relationships make for a consciousness raiser.

You love this film, yet can find excuses to dodge the need for direct action to restore democracy to Detroit as we do battle to stop the looting and pillaging of Detroit that is going down under the banner of bankruptcy as the tantric fiscal rape of Detroit approaches $13 million for lawyers/consultants alone. These folk could teach Kwame and Bobby a thing or two. KMA.

The United States enabled the assassination of democracy in Egypt by sanctioning a “have it your way” military coup. Make the connection between American foreign policy in Egypt that killed off democracy and this administration’s domestic policy that allows democracy to be whacked in America’s Blackest and poorest city — Detroit — as benign neglect administered in a most malignant fashion runs amuck.

Why do we have a Detroit city clerk or a Wayne County Board of Canvassers? The now vociferous band did very little when nearly 60,000 absentee voters were disenfranchised by city clerk malfeasance, but now these handkerchief heads are up in arms demanding federal intervention because the same city clerk, aided and abetted by a do-nothing Wayne County Board of Canvassers, conducted another vote cluster bang.

If you really want federal intervention in Detroit, first you must intervene in Detroit — vote and stand up against the destruction of democracy in Detroit by protesting the reality that the imposition of an EM has been enabled by the feds. If the feds didn’t do a damn thing about the destruction of democracy in Detroit and allowed the imposition of the Negro EM proxy, what will the feds really do to stop continued destruction of democracy in Detroit?

Even as the rats are abandoning the Napoleon ship adrift in the political seas of Detroit, Benny can still flip the D-U-G-G-A-N primary to a Benny W-I-N, if Napoleon can create a drumbeat that is outside the audio reach of pollsters and expert pundits. Yep.

You see, Benny, statistically significant numbers of white voters are not going to vote for you. Get it? Then don’t pander. Go to the real Detroit in a real manner real quick and don’t opt for sophistication. Create the drumbeat.

This could turn into a “Dear Benny” piece. Napoleon knows he has a lot of work to do. Even if a referee says you won, you know what that azz kickin’ felt like because it was you in the ring not fighting. Want some voting support? Show more heart, Benny.

Why am I not surprised that Lisa Howze is supporting Mike? Maybe that will help her become the female counterpart to EM aide Gary Brown. Some years ago in his book “Crashing the Party,” I was honored to have Ralph Nader quote me in effect: “They keep telling us to support a winner, but as a community, we keep losing, there is something wrong with that formula.”

If some, like ex-Bing mouthpiece Karen Dumas, are offended at the living wage pay demands of fast-food workers competing with the pay of college grads, maybe Dumas ought to organize the degrees instead of slamming humans treated as indentured expendables. After all, free labor built the American economy; it was called slavery with no reparations or even a “thank you for your service.” The obscene profits of the fast-food industry must be shared with their workforce.

Folk taking that reactionary wedge position help drive potential allies apart. No way should underpaid teachers who are the lifeline to this nation’s well-being be pitted against McDonald serfs. That is wrong. Undervalued and exploited teachers should be supported as they battle for wages that should be supplemented by the federal government in that education of the highest quality is in our national interest and the fiscal burden is too much for local units of government.

As I was leaving Belle Isle with a glorious sunset as a companion, I couldn’t help but mind snack when I looked at the thousands of us enjoying the Isle … Belle Isle belongs to the real people of Detroit, not Roger Penske. Maybe it’s time for all of us who enjoyed “The Butler” to Occupy Belle Isle.

Speaking of “The Butler,” Dems enable the continued destruction of democracy and union-busting by not having Detroit demolition dollars flow through a valid elected city government, not an appointed EM. Detroit is not getting dollars; the EM gets dollars; you say what is the difference? Go see “Butler” again and shame on senators Levin and Stabenow.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director of Michigan National Action Network.  He can be reached at or

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