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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Blue the boxer  SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

Blue the boxer

Fire destroys NAN bus

By Sam Riddle
Special to The Michigan Citizen

National Action Network stalwart “Blue”, who took a lot of punches in the ring as a boxer, and Ihekerma Goree, my Facebook friend and NAN loyalist, were among 40 survivors of a horrific bus fire on the Ohio Turnpike that destroyed the bus on which they were riding back to Detroit, after participating in the 50th Anniversary March on Washington.

In a Facebook post, Goree said, “I’m glad God gave us a chance to see what our elders and ancestors experienced; this reminds me of the burnt out bus of the Freedom Riders!! It happened at Lordstown; a message from God? You Think?”

This winter NAN freedom fighters journeyed by bus to confront the conflict-of-interest Detroit EM law firm of Jones Day in Cleveland, Ohio so the irony of the NAN bus being destroyed by fire in Ohio has not been lost on NAN members that refuse to wander down Conspiracy Lane. Just saying …

The Michigan chapter of NAN is one of the most active of NAN’s national efforts to confront injustice and institutionalize right over wrong. At least three incidents occurred with buses transporting Michigan members of the National Action Network (NAN) to and from the 50th Anniversary March on Washington. NAN convened the March.  Federal authorities are investigating the incident of total destruction by fire of one bus. Detroit Raw prayers for all bus riders, drivers and families.

In New York City, a white candidate for mayor is positioned to share Black votes with a Black candidate for mayor. Sound familiar? A major NYC issue is Stop-and-Frisk, which has been implemented by the new Detroit police chief. Where is Napoleon and D-U-G-G-A-N on Stop-and-Frisk (which is Gestapo-speak for Stop n’ Fk with people of color for no good reason other than to spit on the U.S. Constitution)? KMA.

The people of Detroit deserve safe neighborhoods and streets, but those who serve and protect must follow the law of the land. Critical to a grasping of the critical issue is the reality that the new Detroit police chief is a disciple of those who designed, implemented and now fight the federal court decision that simply says honor the U.S. Constitution when dealing with people of color, and no city in America has more color than Detroit. The union-busting, democracy-destroying Negro EM proxy of Governor (Rick) Snyder knew exactly what type of militaristic law enforcement team they were bringing to Detroit. Follow the money for consultancy fees, as the tantric fiscal rape of Detroit squishes on.

A coalition that includes the ACLU, NAACP, NAN and The Coalition to Stop Police Brutality is in the embryonic stages to address Detroit Stop-and-Frisk issues. Understand we know that Stop-and-Frisk is Stop-n-Fk with us, and statistically, crime is not deterred by these Gestapo tactics.

Did anyone really think that strange azz cat was going to survive in the D after it was said it might eat kids? Ending up dead in an Eastside garbage can is a final, quite final, indignity.  R.I.P. Chum.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep The Faith. Stay On The Battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for the Michigan National Action Network. He can be reached at or

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