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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

“Organize and don’t patronize until they unionize”

“Organize and don’t patronize until they unionize”

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

For those of us seeking orgasmic relief without the physical or emotional risk factors, Labor Day weekend was sexed up for all but haters of a good time.

Royal Oak produced a major league packed house for MC Hammer (the Detroit Jazz Festival is a far better bargain and much hipper than Arts, Beats and Eats —  but why compare great releases?).

Enough of the feel good crap, we go hard here. So, if Dan Gilbert broke the law as a casino owner giving cash to help Duggan, he can un-break it by saying “oh, made a little mistake?” White privilege …

Roger Penske

Roger Penske

Mind Snack: Why isn’t the leadership of white folk colorized? How come Roger Penske is not a white leader? How come Dan Gilbert is not a white leader? How come Debbie Dingell is not a white leader? Oh … since Black & white leadership doesn’t seem to work, maybe we ought to try colorless leadership.

Mind Snack: Overall, the world functions on sheer inertia — not the piss-poor pandemic of failed leadership that infects every nation. Yep. I cannot believe that any of us that voted for President Obama the first or second time did so for a continuation of George W’s foreign war policy.

In a FB discussion with my good friend, Herb, about Republicans and Democrats, I said “there is little difference between the attitudes of a jackass and an elephant.”

If John Boehner is supporting your moves, your moves are suspect.

FB friend: “What’s your take on the State certifying Duggan as the winner of the primary?”

The state destroyed democracy in Detroit so they will not get in the way of one of their own, and truth be told the guy with the most votes usually wins.

Political twerking is what the Detroit mayoral election is about. Yep. If you are looking for votes you didn’t get first time around maybe you better knock on different doors with a stronger message — try truth set to a drum beat.

I am not a Duggan hater. Just seems that the same folk supporting Duggan support welfare for baseballs and hockey pucks.

The Ilitches have pocketed well over $600 million in tax subsidies and other goodies, while Black Detroit has to bear the burden of racist azz car insurance red-lining, bank injustice, mass transit bias, years of state-run failed schools, blame for Detroit being in the same economy that devastated bankrupted GM, Chrysler and corrupt inside-trading Wall Street fat cat gangstas in natural fiber pin stripes too big to fail as they got trillions in federal aid. And Detroit gets benign neglect with a malignant hangover.

Yeah, it’s about race in America’s most segregated city. KMA.

Then we have to witness this handkerchief head Negro EM proxy of democracy-destroying union-busting Snyder, hat in hand, say the DIA artwork will not be sold off. Hell, white privilege rolls like that. Paint, clay and metal over Black babies any damn day.

Maybe we need to go to the underground economy of Detroit for foreign aid and security to compete with the Gilbertites Robo Cop takeover.

Mind Snack: If you can’t sleep, that is not nearly the problem you encounter as when you can’t awaken.

Getting folk to make the connection between what happens elsewhere and what happens here is most difficult, but if the dog on the next block has bitten three neighbors you have enough sense to avoid that bitch.

Feds policy of benign neglect to the people of Detroit that have had right to vote rendered meaningless used the same approach in Egypt to negate the once heralded Arab Spring(s). There is no such thing as democracy my way or no way. WTF. By putting Morsi on trial, USA-enabled Egyptian democracy destroyers are inciting more carnage.

As for those hotels that want serf labor, unions must continue to organize and do not patronize until they unionize. Boycott the businesses that sleep in non-union hotels.

Detroit Raw congrats to Tasha Page-Lockhart. Thank you Tasha for a Detroit good news story winning with your Gospel Best!

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep The Faith. Stay On The Battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Action Network.

Follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at

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