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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Gov. Rick Snyder depicted as the “nerd devil” on rally poster SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

Gov. Rick Snyder depicted as the “nerd devil” on rally poster

Never quit

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

The WWJ reporter rushed over sticking her microphone to my face asking what I thought would be Governor Snyder’s position on the witness stand in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. I wanted to give her a Detroit Raw commentary but Raw is less raw these days (paper goes to tender minded school children) so I put on the hat of the political director of the Michigan National Action Network, which had organized several hundred protestors/freedom fighters outside the federal courthouse in Detroit to welcome democracy-destroying, union-busting Governor Nerd.

Governor Snyder is trained as a lawyer, has been an accomplished businessman and now is an elected official. That means this is a guy who knows how to tip toe through the tulips of half-truths while dancing in a bed of lies. “I hope he doesn’t make the mistake of another fella trained as a lawyer and perjure himself,” I said with a twinkle of jaded eyes.

Snyder and his Negro proxy Detroit EM have to wallow in half-truths or their Detroit bankruptcy fails. On the streets of Detroit, a half-truth or an “I don’t recall” is a bald-faced lie. The truth does not half step any more than baby’s-mama-to-be is a little pregnant. KMBA. Of course this governor appointed an EM for the express purpose of taking Detroit into bankruptcy. There has been no good faith anything except ensuring that Jones Day, the conflicted-of-interest law firm of the Negro proxy EM, gets their money, as the white riot Negro enabled looting of Detroit rages on.

Fans had deserted Ford Field and the Detroit Lions. After all they were the same old Lions and this was the Dallas Cowboys. Lions don’t beat Cowboys not even in Detroit. You know what happened as you left the stadium or walked away from your TV. The team that couldn’t win did win. The Detroit Lions refused to quit. Never quit. So it must be with those working for the political underdog of all underdogs — Benny Napoleon. You must fight on until the last ballot is counted (as these things go in Detroit).

The media demonization of Benny Napoleon is abusive but you can see it for what it is when $3,400 is given more coverage than millions to Duggan from so few. TV ads lie. TV news paints a nasty picture where $3,400 becomes more than $1,000,000 from convicted felon Al Taubman and racing car cheat Penske. This from an Elrick desperate to stay on the air with a knock-off Pulitzer that drove the Gary Brown $ettlement after a lawyer CD handoff of text messages (not a lot of investigative reporting there; no wonder freep kept $).

Again, Napoleon and D-u-g-g-a-n. There is a big difference. The choice is ours. Just vote. And don’t hate on that neighbor that doesn’t vote your way.  Try to educate with facts. Bullying won’t work.

Mind Snack: If you can be convinced to be that Facebook giraffe; it is no wonder the ice of some politicians really is colder than the ice of other politicians. On the other hand catch a smile while ya can!

A Tweet: Shopping While Black — Detroit says NO #JayZ keep greedy arrogance on East Coast — enabling institutionally racist #Barney’s practices. Why can’t JayZ just say Barney’s is out of order? He spouts the lyrics but when a tough guy response is required the banker shows up. KMA.

Another Tweet: If U R stuck on race politics & U can’t enjoy hometown sports/music/laugh/decent people whatever skin color your issues R beyond injustice.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director of Michigan National Action Network. He can be reached on Facebook at and Twitter at


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