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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Michigan NAN President Charles Williams II holds letter requesting a meeting with Grosse Pointe Park Mayor, City Council and Police Chief due to racist/inhumane behavior of police officers.  SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

Michigan NAN President Charles Williams II holds letter requesting a meeting with Grosse Pointe Park Mayor, City Council and Police Chief due to racist/inhumane behavior of police officers. SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

Suburban racism/fear kills

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Suburban racism/fear kills. Yep.

Suburban racism is deeply embedded, pervasive and deadly when combined with media-generated fear of Black people that exploits the psychosis of the angry white man that is already pissed off at the universe-at-large. TV, radio and print headlines are emotional whiplashes that inflict a form of fear that makes for racist stereotyping that generates — runs on — double ought buckshot to ensure maximum damage should “one of them try to get in here” preppie behavior.

The drill to kill is a mindset. Only a target rendered subhuman is required.

The main reason white folk fled Detroit was as much based upon race as economics. That is why Detroit is the most segregated major city in America. White parents by and large don’t want their children banging or getting banged by the children of Black folk even though the offspring could be President of these United States of America one day. Just saying… Of course crime, bad schools and no decent jobs are factors in a Catch-22 fashion.

When the National Action Network made that house call to Grosse Pointe Park Police to deliver a letter to the mayor and city council demanding a meeting to discuss how we end the dehumanizing belittling of Black human beings, the police officers looked stunned. How do they think we felt knowing they are creating an atmosphere that makes killing us and getting away with it easy? They seem not to give a damn. That puts us in a dangerous zone.

Such police actions that included the arrogant social media posting of Grosse Pointe Park police racist/inhumane treatment of a Black American dehumanizes us and makes killing us easy for suburbanites who will view the target as sub-human.

Making a fellow human to be less than human culminates in a Michigan wolf hunt mentality. It’s OK to kill ‘em now. Today it is Renisha McBride gunned down mercilessly in Dearborn Heights. Tomorrow?

Again, we must not allow those who support “Stand Your Ground” to put Renisha McBride on trial. Justice for Renisha simply means Renisha’s killer must be made to account for his inhumane actions. Trayvon Martin was put on trial in a manner that ultimately freed his killer.

The actual facts don’t matter to those who will shape a jury pool. The defense team will put the victim on trial by deleting the victim’s humanity to the point where a prospective juror will actually believe: “She was drunk and had reefer in her system. She got what she deserved.” That is how it will be worked by the Teddy Wafer defense team. Even though Teddy may wallow in the presumption of innocence, I believe Teddy is a hater and damn well knew what he was doing when he killed Renisha and the disease of white privilege allowed Teddy to believe he could get away with it. And he might.

The data is clear. White folk who kill one of us are 354 percent more likely for that killing to be “justified” in a self-defense case adjudicated in a stand-your-ground state akin to Michigan. The odds are in Teddy’s favor whether we like it or not.

In a recent appearance on “Let It Rip,” I had to inform nationally renowned right-wing thunderstorm State Senator Rick Jones his disingenuous reference to Dr. Ossian Sweet’s case as the rationale for “Stand Your Ground” was off base. “Stand Your Ground” actually gained a foothold in this nation when the indigenous people, Native Americans, attempted to exercise a self-help remedy by reclaiming land stolen by whites. For that self-help attempt to reclaim what was theirs, the courts gave permission to whites to exercise white privilege and slaughter the Red Man. Stand your ground was here long before Counselor (Clarence) Darrow stepped to the Detroit plate for Dr. Sweet.

A Tweet: A National Action Network ThankU 2 pit bull of #Detroit social media-Steve Neavling @mcmuckraker 4exposing inhumane Grosse Pointe Park police

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep The Faith. Stay On The Battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Action Network He can be reached on Facebook at or Twitter at


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