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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Corvette Award Auto Show  COURTESY PHOTO

Corvette Award Auto Show COURTESY PHOTO

Cars trump kids

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

George Cushingberry has become a distraction to divert our attention from a continued looting of Detroit assets. They have convinced you the looting of Detroit is cool by offering $340 million dollars for an undervalued DIA art collection worth billions that is being gift wrapped for purveyors of white privilege while we are media distracted into discussing a powerless city council.

In a nutshell, Cush should not/cannot walk away. The people of Detroit elected him. No proxy of democracy-destroying Governor Nerd can remove Cush. That is a choice of the people of Detroit. As an Honorably Discharged Vietnam-Era veteran, that means something. It’s complicated, this process of restoring Detroit democracy. If only we could have set ego aside and embraced humility, a 5-4 majority on a powerless Detroit City Council would not be an endangered species getting whacked by handkerchief-head Black enablers of white privilege.

The thing about a techno lynch mob is that it is hard as hell to turn it around when the lynchee keeps agitating a Skype mob armed with cameras, keyboards, and dumb azz smart phones. We are on the Real Life playing field. Nothing is fair. The media distorts and lies. Racist profiling can happen. Yeah Brooks Patterson got a ride home. Andy Dillon is still getting paid. You got nothing coming. An ugly reality: Don’t fumble the damn ball cause we lose. We need a higher level of no excuse political DNA. People deserve better, much better.

From around the globe you trek into Detroit, the Motor City, to view the metal twisted into idolatry that biblical heathens would marvel to behold. Homage is paid to motorized toys that gobble fossil fuels as the exhaust fuels climate change we’ll worry about later. It’s true; there’s no partee like a Deetroit partee!

Mere minutes away east as the roach crawls off of Jefferson (either side) is a world that will not be on display in Cobo as the North American International Auto Show turns a blind eye to the ghastly reality that 60 percent of the children in Detroit live in poverty.  Detroit, the city where cars trump children just as dollars trump Detroit democracy. Welcome to the comeback city.

Ironically it is on the watch of a Black president that Detroit democracy has been shattered with imposition of an emergency manager who negates the vote of America’s Blackest and poorest city with KKK efficiency.  Adding humiliation to voting rights injury, Detroiters are tortured with TV images of cars beyond most Detroit incomes as GM and Chrysler, local beneficiaries of corporate welfare; preen over car and truck awards. It’s time Cobo and Detroit host the North American International Poverty Show where we display the abject poverty in Detroit and around the world. Awards will be given to those seeking to end poverty based on documented results. Some of the profits generated by public assistance to the multi -nationals could be used to pick up the tab. The poverty displays should be awesome.

Now, you auto show visitors have heard the horror stories about Detroit crime but you are safe in downtown or Midtown. Yep, we gotcha — relax.  You’re in the safe Detroit. “Unacceptable” has become a Detroit law enforcement buzz word uttered to intimidate lawbreakers that have been informed their behavior is wholly unacceptable and we have boots on the ground. If you believe crime is unacceptable, then you should know that poverty is unacceptable in Detroit. There is a connection.


Be sure to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) when you take a break from the cars. There are some big pictures showing workers building things over there. You might even hear about the creative financing underway to save the DIA. Yep. What you do is you undervalue the worth of the DIA art collection and you have some billionaire art patrons reimburse mere millionaire art patrons as they raise a little over $340 million and take over DIA with a non-profit so the artwork won’t be auctioned to deal with Detroit debt during our bankruptcy helping retirees in the same slick move. Uh, retirees are not sold on this scam. Now understand that this is a looting of Detroit assets that makes our little riot in 1967 a joke with funerals. The whole shenanigan results in the biggest setback of political gains by Black Americans since Reconstruction and reaffirmation of our lack of full citizenship by a total denigration of our worth as American citizens.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Network. Follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at


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