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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Mary Sheffield

Mary Sheffield

Hockey puck welfare

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

In a news report, the youngest member in the history of the Detroit City Council sounded as if she was challenging the old ways with old-fashioned common sense. “Why are we transferring over this (public) property for a dollar, when the value of the land is worth way more than that?” said Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Sheffield. “It’s hard for me to just give away land with nothing in return.”

Mere hours after those heart-warming Sheffield quotes, the Detroit Red Wings’ new stadium land transfer was approved by Detroit City Council. It was no surprise that a valueless political recycle, George Cushingberry, would vote as he did. Cush reached out for an Ilitch life preserver. Petty cash rolls like that for a pizza delivery. But it was heart breaking as the youngest member of the Detroit Council went down an old path — taking care of the rich that already enjoy hundreds of millions in hockey puck corporate welfare and tax debt forgiveness — why, Mary? You are the Sheffield that was elected.  “It’s hard for me to just give away land with nothing in return.” Hope you don’t behave this way in other life matters, councilwoman.

Ultimately, if there was no community benefits agreement to this Detroit corporate welfare for a hockey puck why should Detroit City Council have supported such a one-sided Ilitch deal? Oops, forgot, the council really works for the democracy-destroying Negro proxy of the scuba diving Governor Nerd not the real people of Detroit.

You don’t read the Michigan Citizen because you’re looking for a church bulletin. I understand that. But I must write with constraints so Detroit Raw is simply not raw raw and this is a Detroit where even Deadline Detroit spanks with streetese. Tidy words that don’t offend people elude me.

How in the hell do you explain the a-hole corporation that runs Northland Mall cannot even express sympathy for the death of a human being that died after having his last gasps for air choked off by chemical sprays and man-squeezing mall security goons?

A Michigan National Action Network (NAN) travel advisory may save lives: Don’t shop Northland Mall —  dangerous conditions exist there.

Some of you have been critical of the fact some like NAN inform the community through mainstream media. If you don’t like it change the damn channel or leaflet your neighborhood in this cold azz weather. But the use of media, be it  social or mainstream, is to inform as many people as NAN can as often as NAN can, even if cynical “know-it-alls” deliver negative commentary from the couch. KMA.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Action Network. Follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at

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