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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  COURTESY PHOTO

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. COURTESY PHOTO

Next mayor on Mackinac?

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Who’s who is packing for Fudge Island to discuss public policy already decided upon with no real need to do anything but dodge horse poop in between drinks, meals and more drinks, and to see if Jeb has really gained as much weight as they say. The next Republican presidential primary may be between the really big boys if Christie doesn’t have the operation.

Detroit mayoral hopefuls are also packing their bags, preparing to impress a bunch that has no need for elected officials from the D, since their boy is running things as EM anyway.

These are great days for Troubled Asset Relief Program enabled free enterprise and the Michigan GOP, except for that little EM hassle with the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

Mind Snack: I better check on a DIA membership. DIA knows how to handle democracy destroyers. DIA lawyered up ASAP and marched Big Al out to say “Not here, not on my watch!” (In Taubman’s best ex-con voice).

I mean, who in the hell was that jackal EM to even float the notion of selling off DIA artworks to satisfy Detroit creditors? Give ‘em the water or Belle Isle but not the art dammit!

The fact that there will even be a campaign for mayor of Detroit is proof that hope is indeed alive, if slightly tarnished, in the D.

Mike Duggan is poised to present himself as an entity that America has rejected in our last two presidential elections — a white savior. Who knows, America’s Blackest and poorest city might go for it; we do have a Whole Foods market that accepts the Bridge Card.

Give Duggan his due. Duggan has a Black former chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court on board with the General Counsel of the NAACP, the former Black chief of staff of the Black Detroit City Council president, who is also trending openly gay, teamed with a real knock-off New Black Panther leader.

Is that Black enough for you Detroit? Oh and did I mention that Duggan will hold a $1,000 a ticket fundraiser on Fudge Island? Yep. It’s like that.

Meanwhile, Mr. No Comment, Benny Napoleon, floats on blithely through a media demonization storm that will impact in November should suck-up pollsters be correct about primary projections.

Not since John Kerry was savaged by the Swift Boaters have we seen a candidate refuse to defend himself against attacks that will make Napoleon such damaged goods that he will be politically DOA @ DMC (Duggan’s Media Coronation) come November. Sixty cars here, a tether there and Palmer Woods take a toll on the sheriff.

Respond or wither on the vine, guy.

Attorney Krystal Crittendon remains the favorite daughter of Detroit’s activist core. Uh, that will not be enough to get Krystal through the primary let alone win election as mayor. In what may be an abysmally low voter turnout in August, Krystal could shock with a coherent theme, aggressive ad campaign and a foot soldier GOTV effort.

Lisa Howze is a proven vote-getter that has not garnered the traction to mate with her Super Bowl ad flash that was there and gone. Repetition results in retention. Ads must run and run and run.

Then the voter may, just may, recall your name and may vote for you — “may” is a mountain to climb for Lisa who has attempted to focus on female voters without striking a soul-stirring note that will attract grassroots single parents. Should Lisa hit the right note — look out!

Tom Barrow is intellectually gifted and analytically far superior to any other candidate for mayor. But Tom has been running for mayor since Coleman Young’s hair started turning gray — that was a while ago. It’s time for Tom to mentor.

Fred Durhal, Fred is Fred. We all love Fred. God bless Fred.

Dr. John Teleford is a son of Detroit that was a world-class sprinter who became a creative educator that loves the children of Detroit enough to fight for Detroit schools that educate. That’s not a resume item for the next mayor.

State Representative John Olumba is the single most intriguing candidate running in that he has proven that he will outwork, outthink and outdebate anyone anywhere, even if the opponent is better funded with a ton of endorsements — this guy bears watching.

Have at it but do vote unless the selection is so piss poor you just can’t deal with it — I understand.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith.

Sam Riddle can be reached at  or

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