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DPD Chief James Craig            COURTESY PHOTO


Hollywood Craig on Facebook

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

They came to the shores of the Detroit River with a message of self-reliance, love of self and people as the Nation of Islam held Saviours’ Day 2014 in Detroit. Millions of dollars were spent by the NOI in Detroit, but you’d never know it by the media focus on an alleged Instagram threat against a media intoxicated cop.

This guy acts like a security guard for Gilbertville and Penskeland, rebranding Detroit for profit while poverty — the real criminal — runs amuck in Detroit. Poverty is an act of violence. The First Amendment is endangered as stupid azz mainstream media enable cop cyber-bullying with a misleading headline designed to intimidate users of social media who may fear that what they post may be viewed as a threat, “Five arrested following threat on Detroit Police Chief James Craig.”

Detroit Raw listens to the real people of Detroit techno-savvy enough to ignore mainstream media propaganda as they express themselves to fellow citizens on social media that law enforcement is now “investigating.”

Here is the unscripted Facebook dialogue with a focus on Governor Snyder’s Negro proxy EM’s police chief:

Sam Riddle First “they” try to jack his police car with him in it. Then “they” threaten him on Facebook. OK, prayers for his safety. But this “Crime Commission” investigating threats, exactly who empowered them? Are they a paramilitary (vigilante) shadow group of retired law enforcement types gobbling up public grant money?

Andrea’s LifechangedAprilsixteenth I call BS, theatrics and yes to the gobble up!

Ricky Lo Craig is grossly delusional if he really believes it’s no longer highly profitable to sell drugs in Detroit. But we know that’s all rhetoric. I can’t believe some of the nonsense that comes out of these people’s mouths. SMH

Sam Riddle He is the police chief of the very unelected negro proxy of Democracy Destroying Union Busting Governor Snyder, not the people of Detroit

David Stephen As police chief, if he didn’t have his life threatened, I would be worried. He has to be the most cowardly and paranoid police chief we’ve ever had.

Kodjo Hister Just let the man try to do his job. Damn….

Darnell Moore Exactly what is wrong with all you negative people who probably don’t even live in the city… The dealers are threatening his life because he’s raiding their drug houses and costing them money… The person who did the threatening obviously didn’t feel like there were consequences to his actions before now. If the chief is eliciting this type of response, I say it’s a good thing…

Sam Riddle It is not negative to demand restoration of democracy to Detroit. As an Honorably Discharged Vietnam-Era Veteran it is a duty to fight for the restoration of democracy in Detroit after we were trained to kill and die for an America whose stated values are dead on the vine in Detroit.

Tia Alwayzs’Luvd By-her Children Please tell me what crime catcher has he caught. He hasn’t, caught no killer, he hasn’t caught no raper. Oh he caught drug dealers (people) that owe child support. Gtfo please!

Brenda Hill Where are the murderers, rapists, drug kingpins, gun runners, Organized Gang leaders Hollywood Craig has arrested? …While he is wasting more air time on declaring war on idiots making comments on FB (laughable), maybe he could do like the rest of us and wait on the police to do some real crime fighting.

Kodjo Hister Totally disagree. At least people in the city are finally starting to believe in SOMEONE. And have a little hope. Of course there is going to be politics involved. More than ever now. But think about the people living next door to these drug houses. They can care less about a crime commission. They just want to walk down the street.

Sam Riddle American Citizens that will not let fear trample on the U.S. Constitution are true patriots.

Gyrl LoLo The city needed a change (everyone). So far was NOTHINg but F***up’s … Let’s just give the new chief a chance. We R always so quick2 judge. It’s about time some1 is bustN them instead of takN money from them. Who don’t want2 see a better Detroit?

Calvin Bigfella Jones Sr. Bring the pain…. Chief keep doing what you’re doing

Nicholas Farrior …truth will be revealed in due time … we must be informed and make the administration operate in transparency

Sam Riddle The real change Detroit needed was for its citizens to be treated as Americans that suffered under the same economic depression that brought GM, Wall Street and too big to fail banks to their knees resulting in trillions of dollars in corporate welfare assistance that Detroit never received including revenue sharing from the state of Michigan

Dennis Johnson Over 10 shootings and 7 deaths in the last 48 hours in DETROIT… somebody tell me what difference this Chief is making.

Just saying — really want to fight crime? Fight Poverty. Fight self-hate, Parents must parent and teach respect and self-reliance. Above all love must be a mainstay in our community. Body-slam hate.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director of Michigan National Action Network. Follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at

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