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Detroit, unfairly the poster child for crime

There is a shooter randomly targeting drivers on I-96 near Wixom, a suburban area, yet the media often portrays Detroit as the only violent place. Is this fair?

Sandra Mayberry

Sandra Mayberry

Crime is crime. Doesn’t matter where you go, crime is crime and it is happening everywhere. I worked as an EMS technician for 20 years. I have lived in Detroit 36 years and my home has never been broken into. Crime is in the city and it is in the suburbs. People in the suburbs feel more relaxed because they’re told there is no crime in the suburbs.
Sandra Mayberry

They want us to be the whipping boy. Actually, they’ve made Detroit the whipping boy. They try to make it seem as if nothing good is in Detroit; all the horrible things are happening here. But we’re not all dismayed. We know our children will wake up and see it for what it is. A lie!

Elmus Burks, Jr.

Violent incidents are portrayed (as if) they only happen in Detroit. We all know it ain’t true. But Detroit is made to seem (like) the Wild Wild West, while the suburbs are the Garden of Eden. There’s all kind of violent stuff going on out there.
ChaDora Ford

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