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Detroiters need to take back what was taken

I agree that Detroiters and other disenfranchised people around the state and the world must fight to restore everything that has been taken from us:

– Basic democratic rights for local governance of the city and school system.

– The reversal of the so-called “Right to Work” legislation and the implementation of the right of workers to bargain and control labor policy.

– Restoration to the people of everything that has been privatized.

– Return of all monies owed to the city by the state and corporations.

– A moratorium on all future privatization and payments to the banks and other thieves in suits.

But these are just the beginning of a conversation about a better city, state and nation. We must go far beyond those things if we are thinking about our children and grandchildren in a nation that promotes total Wall Street domination of domestic, foreign and environmental policy; that promotes warfare as foreign policy; and promotes a top-down prison/military/educational-industrial complex.

We at the city level must begin to change all of these inhuman policies in order to have a stable, peaceful and sustainable city and state. It is not enough just to return to where we were at the beginning of the recent political and economic crisis. We need to demand everything we have lost but also make demands for a completely more just, more democratic, more sustainable and a peaceful city, state and nation in which the people have greater rights than the Wall Street gang of corporations and banks.

We need a city and nation in which the people control the banks and the police. Where housing is for all the people, where education is free for all who need it and where students are prepared for 21st century jobs but also allowed to develop a vision for a better society.

We need a city and society where healthcare is for all the people without control by insurance companies.

We need to take the city, county and state money out of the commercial banks and put them into credit unions and other co-operative institutions controlled by the people.

This should be the beginning of our discussion about how to fix Detroit and Michigan. Anything less than this is merely begging for handouts from our Wall Street masters.

Professor Charles Simmons
The Hush House


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