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Do we say white people can’t run Chrysler?

By Charles Brown

When GM and Chrysler went bankrupt for something like $80 billion, nobody said white people are not ready to be in charge of transnational industrial corporations or Chrysler was dependent on free tax money from us. No one said to the too big to fail auto corporations that they wanted free stuff, as corporation leader and presidential candidate Mitt Romney insultingly said to the NAACP convention. Chrysler Corporation has been bailed out twice by the federal government.

Congressman James Blanchard rode his championing of free stuff for Chrysler to the Michigan governor’s chair. But Prince Richard Snyderdoesn’t want a bailout for Detroit. It is because, unlike Chrysler, Detroit has a Black majority represented in electoral offices running city government.

Mayor Coleman A. Young, Black mayor extraordinaire, won a loan from the federal government for theCity of Detroit to help Chrysler Corporation build the Jefferson North Assembly Plant. The federal government can forgive that loan, which benefited Chrysler and America handsomely.Snyder, the “Barbarian Governor,” doesn’t want a bailout for Detroit, thereby speaking  against the best interests of Detroit.

He should be aggressively seeking a bailout for Detroit, like Governor Christieaggressively sought aid for New Jersey for relief from hurricane damage or Blanchard and Granholm sought bailouts for Chrysler. Detroit has been under economic “hurricanes” almost continuously for 50 years.Chrysler has been bailed out twice from those storms!

Not only was there divestment from the city proper in capital flight for 60 years, but the auto industry corporations centered in Detroit have been crushed  in the world competition as emblemized in Chrysler’s two insolvencies. The City of Detroit’s elected officials could do about as much about those economic auto company disasters in Detroit’s economy as New Jersey elected officials could do to stop the hurricane.

So, city officials should not be scapegoated in loss of powers under Snyder savage dictator law.As part of the economic hurricanes, the state of Michigan itself , including Detroit, suffered a one state recession (as the monopoly media termed it) in the years leading up to two of Michigan’s private auto giants falling into the final insolvencies.

As a result, the state of Michigan fell into fiscal irresponsibility greater thanDetroit’s and had to be bailed out by the Obama. Then, it was not even considered that whites, who dominateMichigan’s governorships and legislatures (including many who are still there) couldn’t run our state and liked“federal welfare and entitlements,” free stuff, to bail them out of their fiscal irresponsibility. Savage Snyder’s current budget “surplus” is wholly based on the bailout by President Obama and the Democratic majorityCongress of   Obama’s first term.

Similarly when New York City was in receivership/emergency financial management in 1975, it was not saidthat white people couldn’t run a major city. NYC got a $2.3 billion bailout from the federal government under President Gerald Ford of Michigan when it was insolvent. But it was not even whispered that the white people in charge of NYC liked free stuff. NYC was bailed out when it was insolvent in 1975.So, when Detroit has an immediate deficit we should not say Black people don’t know how to administer a major city.

Since all these other institutions were bailed out, why not bail out Detroit without any of this “Black people like free stuff?”There is a long history of government bailout of monopoly private corporations, especially banks and hedgefunds based in New York City.What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


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