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Do we say white people can’t run Wall Street?

By Charles Brown

When Wall Street failed and was bailed out by the federal government to the tune of trillions of dollars, did anyone say “white people” don’t know how to run the super duper banks, or that white people like trillions of dollars of free stuff?

How about when GM and Chrysler went through a managed bankruptcy for $80 billion? No, nobody said that white people are not ready to be in charge of transnational industrial corporations and just dependent on free tax money from us.

Or when the State of Michigan got bailed out by the Obama stimulus for $7.8 billion (See, it was not even considered that white governors and legislators (including many who are still there) can’t run our state and like federal welfare and entitlements to bail them out of their fiscal irresponsibility.

Similarly when New York City, N.Y. was in receivership/emergency financial manager in 1975, it was not said that white people couldn’t run a major city. NYC got a billion dollar or so bailout, but it was not even whispered that white people like free stuff. (I mean, hell, who doesn’t like free stuff? Why wouldn’t white people like free stuff?)

So, when Detroit has a deficit, we should not say Black people don’t know how to administer a city. Since all these other institutions were bailed out, why not bailout Detroit without any of this “Black people like free stuff” talk?

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