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Don’t ignore women for mayor!

Sam RiddleBy Sam Riddle
Special to The Michigan Citizen

Folk in mainstream media have mastered the art of looking and sounding as if they might really know WTF is going on. These jerks anoint leadership with a few clicks of the keyboard as they cut and paste their way up the journalistic dead end career ladder. Before the first suspect poll was foisted upon us in the sluggish jog for mayor of Detroit, two guys were scrounged up as sure to get through the primary.

Despite the guy pre-ordination, two women, who merit serious consideration, are asking for your vote to be the next mayor of Detroit.

Lisa Howze and Krystal Crittendon have accumulated the academic, professional, life and political credentials that would make either of them mayors that would get the job done for Detroit — all of Detroit.

Crittendon is a now tried-under-fire municipal lawyer, and Howze is a CPA with policy analytical wherewithal. Great resumes — maybe too good for the job requirements.

You don’t appear to give a significant statistical damn about either one of them.

That’s on you.

But being the ever not-so scientific one that I am, I went to Facebook for answers.

Now my Facebook friends and followers are an eclectic bunch who are not afraid to express themselves.

My Facebook query: “On my way to Belle Isle for a walk/jog can’t find my Timex guess I’ll use that screwy Nike GPS on the phone that cuts on and off. But was mind snacking trying to figure out why neither of these very qualified women are catching fire politically as mayoral candidates. Guys have messed things up miserably long enough … Will mull this mind snacking around the Isle.”

Of course the superfluous verbiage about the watch had little to do with the issue, but we roll like that on Facebook, so I placed photos of Ms. Crittendon and Ms. Howze in my post.

Friends respond quickly if you hit that issue right.

Valerie Burris: Sam, I was thinking the same thing. Women make things happen, get things done. Why women don’t support (other) women blows my mind.

Tracey M. Martin: Women do get things done but only get credit as Worker Bees in our town.  Plus, the drones never elect them “Queen Bees/King Bees” as it were.

Tameri Kemet: Ms. Crittendon has my vote because she has guts!!! She is the only one who stood up to the “raiders” and “sambos” and (mammy).

Evelyn Salt: Tracey, you’re absolutely correct. The Glass ceilings applies (sic) in every aspect of society when it comes to women and power … if a woman is more intellectually inclined, she is considered loud, rude and crazy … yes, they do get things done … can anyone put a wig on Kevyn Orr … That’s sick … LOL.

Tracey M. Martin: The women, are in many instances, much better candidates: smart, energetic, ideas and issue-oriented, with can-do attitudes, who are not so egocentric as to shy away from hiring experts for their team to help get the job done — instead of preening, posturing and “know-it-all” pissing matches that don’t help the citizens one bit, but just keep the ole status quo going. (That’s one of the reasons why Detroit got Orr.) It’s the old double standard in need of some “old black magic” — again.

Da Wood: I think it is the media who are not giving them enough attention … and, also … whoever is running their campaigns better take a pit stop to review, revive and reshape their campaign.

Thank you Facebook friends and followers. What I know after decades of doing Detroit campaigns is that women can make or break a candidate. If women in Detroit support either or both of these women, the guys are in trouble. Case in point, the recent election for the 13th Congressional District leadership was won by Martha Scott’s slate after NAN (National Action Network) T-shirt clad women showed up for the vote.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle  currently serves as political director for the Michigan National Action Network. He can be reached at or

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