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Douglas Michangelo Bennett

Reflection on Life

Some may have known Douglas; others didn’t really know the extent of his impeccable ability to influence an audience with his views on life and living.

The outdoors with nature, the intricate workings of any mechanism were elemental conditions that brought life to him. He believed it necessary for world production return to rudimental method for a civil society. For an example:

Farmers return to totally organically grown produce.

Most recently I discovered his acquaintance with Mark MacInnis, director of Urban Roots (film producer) and Michigan’s Harvest: Food, Farming & Community. Douglas was a people person. He knew how to vex you as well as make bosom buddies. After working long hours with Chrysler, LLC, he found time to give to the Cork town Resident Community. His devotion to family and friends was endless. His final resting place began October 14, 2011 @ Detroit Memorial Garden of Resurrection.

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