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Duggan’s PAC gives $80,000 back

Tom Barrow

Tom Barrow

Tom Barrow’s allegations of election fraud are gaining traction; Quicken Loans has asked Mike Duggan’s Turnaround Detroit Political Action Committee (PAC) to refund $80,000 of campaign contributions.  Dan Gilbert controls Quicken loans and its parent company Rock Ventures, both companies he founded; Gilbert is also a principal of Athens Acquisition, the corporate entity that is majority owner of the Greektown Casino-Hotel.  State law prohibits casino licensees from contributing to a candidate or a committee while licensee holds a license.

Before contributing to Duggan’s PAC, Quicken Loans asked the Michigan State Gaming Control Board about the donation.  The gaming board confirmed this: “The Michigan Gaming Control Board was asked if Quicken Loans, a company not licensed by gaming, could give a political donation. Since the Gaming act generally just bans licensees, their qualifiers and certain family members from making contributions, and Quicken Loans was neither, we advised that depending on the circumstances it may be allowed.” Acting upon the information, “the Board recommended it be returned in full within the 30 (business) day limit provided by election laws.”  According to the gaming board, Quicken Loans immediately cooperated and complied with the request, to remove any question about the legality of the contribution.

Neither the gaming board nor Quicken loans responded by press time to the Michigan Citizen’s question about when the money was donated and returned.

Former mayoral candidate Barrow exposed the contribution Aug. 23 in a petition for  recount submitted to Wayne County, and again in a letter to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. Recounts could not legally begin until the primary results were certified.  After a lengthy battle, the Michigan State Board of Canvassers certified the Aug. 6 primary results on Sept. 3. The Wayne County Clerk’s office told the Michigan Citizen that 11 different petitions for recount have been filed. The Wayne County Board of Canvassers is scheduled to meet Sept. 5 to begin the process for recounting the primary.

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