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Dwele drives the future with Black United Fund



By F. Carlton Peeples
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Dwele has a full agenda these days. His name has been plastered across signs and he’s been on the red carpet every week it seems. However, the R & B icon hasn’t been promoting his latest album — he’s been using his celebrity to promote charitable causes.

He has aided in the fight against cancer and is now sparking young professionals to “make things happen” in communities of color via the Black United Fund (BUF) of Michigan and Making It Happen Foundation’s (MIHF) community initiative IMPACT “Every Celebrity Has a Cause, What’s Yours?”

Produced, arranged and co-written by Dwele, the dance single “Drive the Future” premiered on Oct. 12, during Black United Fund of Michigan’s 43rd Annual Benefit Celebration.  The song’s message is clear: “Together we rise; together we create more. More opportunities, more open doors.”

When asked, Dwele says the meaning and creative inspiration for the song were what’s lacking in radio.

“We were really looking for a song that could be radio friendly and have a positive message.  ‘Drive the Future’ is basically saying, control your future, be a mover and shaker.  The saying goes, there are those who make things happen, and those who wonder what happened … be a driver, not a passenger.  Drive the Future.”

His partnership with Black United Fund aligns with his own altruistic goals.  “I feel like all we can do is try to better things with the gifts  we’re blessed with.  I know music, so I try to reach the kids in the schools from a musical angle,” he said. “I feel like this song is the natural progression from that; it’s a way to talk to and motivate the people of my own age group.”

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