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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Sam Riddle

EFM, racist poll tax

Special to the Michigan Citizen

“Detroit Raw” will be a collection of mind snacks written by an ex-con that once wallowed in the cesspool of Detroit corruption who refuses to sit down and be quiet because he believes that he can help make Detroit a better place. Subscribing to the Al Taubman principle of redemption, I shall offer whatever whenever (Al gives cash; I have no cash so I give advice and counsel — we both did time in the fed pen). If you don’t like what is inflicted, please throw away the paper, change channels or block. I’ll get over it.

I don’t give a damn about being politically correct. We have been marginalized to the point where it is pointless to engage such babble — get correct about freeing Detroit and yourself, then get with me.

Pre-coffee mind snacks are just things that pop into my head so I share them with you like: Love is always on the battlefield against hate, greed and jealousy. If you feel even slight tinges of those enemies of love, bitch slap yourself.

Be clear, we need to identify friends and enemies on the basis of behavior, not race, class, sex or sexual orientation. Having said that, I still don’t understand why some folk believe Detroit needs a “white savior.” Hell, America didn’t vote for a white savior, why should America’s Blackest and poorest city need a “white savior?” Dunno, just dunno, unless our collective loss of self-esteem has us down for the Django count.

It’s a bitch to look out the window these days. My living room window is cluttered with “look-sees” of a Comerica Park that mocked me with her bright lights because I couldn’t go to a World Series game (home detention issue). The phallic built by Ford for GM, the Ren Cen, keeps a hard on all night with lights moaning: “Thanks for the bail-out. Was it good for you?” Looking down and across at the Quonset, hut-like Ford Field structure, there are no discernible lights but the Lions play there … The rest of the view from Midtown is of a Dan Gilbert skyline that I mull/walk through on my way to the river. Yes, I live in the Economically-Berlin-Walled-Off-QuickAzz-Police Response-Time Midtown area of Detroit. Love it. No apologies. But we will not have One Detroit until the Deep Eastside of Detroit is also a top priority for quick responses and not merely vying for Sharecropper of the Year Awards tending trees. WTF.

On the Detroit riverfront I look up under the paranoid gaze of those shepherding, runaway slaves seeking freedom via the Underground Railroad — seems to me that for Detroit, the Underground Railroad has shifted gears and is now in reverse — damn!

Yep, the basis for the anti-democracy EFM crap is the largest institutionalized racist poll tax in American history based upon Detroit debt — dollars never trump democracy, but that is what is happening when Detroit votes are rendered meaningless with EFMs. We need a Voting Rights Act now in the north and we ought to demand that the U.S. Department of Justice protect Detroit voting rights by enforcing the 15th and 24th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Ultimately, we’ll need a worldwide “Free Detroit” effort akin to what happened with South Africa, complete with Boycott Michigan, until the hypocrisy of America is exposed to such a degree that this anti-democracy-rendering-Black votes-meaningless New Age Poll Tax institutionalized through an emergency financial manager is done away with and the USA bails Detroit out properly like it did GM, Chrysler, the banks and the Wall Street gangbangers.

Sam Riddle is an Honorably Discharged Vietnam Era veteran with a service-connected disability. Riddle is a high school dropout who enlisted and earned a GED. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School.  

Riddle is active in prisoner rights issues after being caught up in political corruption and serving 30 months in federal prison. He currently serves as political director for the Michigan National Action Network, founded by Rev. Al Sharpton.

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