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Event specialist looks to make good First Impressions

event planning fruit By Puakea Olaisha Anderson

DETROIT — After her position was eliminated following 20 years of dedicated service in Human Resource Management, Dawn E. Trapp stepped out on faith and began her own business.

“My position was eliminated so I retired and we parted on good terms,” Trapp told the Michigan Citizen. “My position with the company, in addition to my main responsibilities, required that I organize company picnics, holiday parties, etc. I took that experience and decided that I would begin my own event planning business.”

Two and a half years ago, Trapp founded First Impressions Event & Services, LLC. Trapp’s responsibility as an event planner is to meet with the client, find out the venue, date, time and plan a menu.

“I get with a client and I sit with the client and get the scope of their intended outcome and ask about the audience and come up with a budget. I try to stay 10 to 15 percent under budget,” says Trapp. “I do not decorate, though. I reach out to the vendors to decorate.”

Trapp has a staff of two to five people, depending on how many guests she has to account for. Trapp also works closely with the staff of the venue and the volunteers that her clients position.

“It is important for me to meet with the volunteers so that we are all on the same page. In the past, communication with the volunteers have fallen through the cracks,” said Trapp. Volunteers must wear name tags and things have to be in order at the beginning.

Trapp gives everyone her e-mail address and phone number so everyone, including her, remains in the loop. Trapp’s biggest client is Trinity Health. Trinity Health held an event with her at the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills for the Diversity Champion Awards, which was attended by over 300 people.

“My favorite (aspect of) my career is the interaction with clients and the attendees and that lets me know I have done a job well done,” says Trapp. Trapp’s business is growing with persistence and word is getting out.

“I want my legacy to be known that I did all my events with class and elegance,” says Trapp.

For more information about Dawn E. Trapp event services, you can reach her at 248.499.5572, e-mail her at or visit her Web site,

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